Washington, DC

Dear PoPville readers,

Hi everyone! This is Ogi, the Operations Manager at Well-Paid Maids. That’s me in the picture above, answering customer emails with my dog Maxi.

As you already know, our company is the D.C. area’s only living-wage home cleaning service. All our employees make at least $17/hour and receive a full benefits package including 22 paid days off, health, dental and vision insurance, and 100% employer-paid commuting.

Basically, we try to be the most worker-friendly company we can be. That’s why, with the pandemic upon us, we now require customers:

  • To wear a mask while providing home access
  • To be absent for the duration of their cleaning
  • To allow employees to open windows for increased ventilation

These rules are tough and not every customer can abide by them. Frankly, we could do a lot more business if we relaxed them. But we keep them in place because our commitment to our employees’ well-being is paramount.

Most cleaning companies are not operating this way. They hire “independent contractors” with no access to sick leave, tell them to buy their own masks and send them on their way. As a former cleaner myself, I think that’s awful and I am proud that our company does not do business this way.

If you value workers’ rights and employee safety and want to do business with a company that matches your values, please visit our website to book a cleaning today. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].  We look forward to serving you soon!

Take care,

Operations Manager
Well-Paid Maids


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