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Momiji Turns 12, “will fight to survive, together we all will survive.”

505 H Street, NW

Momiji reopened for take out May 12th, check out and order from their menu here.

Momiji shares with us on their IG yesterday:

“Today has started like many mornings this past year, woke up with anxiety, and the lack of desire to leave my bed. As I continually scroll in my bed, I kept seeing the date October 15th and I couldn’t help the feeling that I was missing something. After many moments, I realize what it was. This shared gut wrenching year has yet again made me lose complete sense of time yet again. I have always been obsessed with dates, 12 years ago today was one the most impactful days of my life. It allowed me to meet the majority of you reading this, it was on this day Momiji opened. At 23 year old I never knew what this place would bring. So many friends and loved ones have passed through this place. This restaurant has afforded me & my family, so many laughs, smiles, tears, moments solace and happiness.

This year has been a different and humbling year.

It has sent my family and I, back to the slow days of when Momiji first opened. Days where there was a society with a poor economy and now with one with more of an uncertain future. This year has forced us to go back to our roots. The solidarity, I have witness in my staff and in all of you have given me strength and comfort to continue. Even during my angst of working all the time these past 12 years, please know I am immensely grateful to this place, and that the gratitude and love for all of you cannot be explained.

It’s to cliche to say now that this past year has been trying times, most of us have had to endure this firestorm without a hope of an end in sight. My family and I, want to thank you all for the continued smiles, friendship and support.

Year 12, delivered us crippling blows and sadness, but no worries, Momiji will fight to survive, together we all will survive. Continue to press on.

Happy birthday Momiji, Happy Anniversary to Us, this is all meant to be shared, like this hard but fruitful journey. Lets go.

Love you all friends. Always.

Your friend, the anxious cheeseball who runs this account who finally rolled out of bed.”

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