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“mine has been sitting at “ballot returned” for 15+ days now”

“Dear PoPville,

My ballot status was updated to “ballot returned” within a reasonable time after mailing (about 6-7 days), but has been sitting in that purgatory since then. I’ve seen some chatter on other mail-in ballot threads that ballots had moved to “accepted” or “under review” within a few days after going to “ballot returned,” but mine has been sitting at “ballot returned” for 15+ days now. Anyone else experiencing this kind of lengthy delay before moving to “accepted” (or other statuses)? How long have other people’s ballots taken to move on from “ballot returned?”

Early voting is starting next week, and if my mail-in ballot is not going to be counted for some reason, I’d like to go vote a provisional ballot. But I’d also like to avoid the hassle of that since I received my ballot pretty early in the mailing waves and returned it promptly!”

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