Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My name is Andy and I wanted you to help me spread the word out about my stolen dog. On October 9, 2020 my car was stolen in front of my partner house (900 Block of Euclid Street, NW). I step out the car to let my partner know we had to go and in that minute someone had took my car and my dog Bruno was in there. The next day my car was recover in Suitland, Maryland but Bruno was not there.

Also, some of my belonging that was in the car was found in McKinley Tech High School. Bruno is my child and I know to some dogs aren’t humane beings but Bruno is to me. This situation had left me devastated and I just want my baby back. Bruno birthday was on October 12 and we weren’t able to celebrate with him. With your large audience we can bring Bruno back home safely. Bruno is a Jack Russell/ Beagle Mix, 24lbs, is brown on his back with a white tummy, and have a white streak on his face. He was last seen with a red collar and a blue retractable leash. He is a friendly dog and I know he would not have attack his captor.

Please help me find Bruno and it’s a $3,000 reward to anyone who finds him. If you have any tips to bring more audience to help out with the finding of Bruno it will be appreciated. Yes, the police is aware of my missing dog. There are helping to bring Bruno back.

Thank You”


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