Washington, DC

Apparently not just Washington Sports Clubs

“Dear PoPville,

has anyone else had trouble canceling a golds gym membership in DC? I’ve been trying since July to cancel and every month they tell me my membership is canceled yet I keep getting charged.”

Some initial responses:

“Golds Gym anywhere is a hassle, certified mail or have the bank stop your card are the easiest ways to end it.”

“Yes. They kept charging me for months after the gym closed and I cancelled.”

“I read that you have to go in-person to the gym where you enrolled (or send a certified letter), so that’s what I did. They continue to bill for one more cycle and then you’re done. At least that’s what they say–I’ll find out soon.”

“I had this happen I called my bank and stopped payment”

“In my experience, even if you cancel online you still have to email the GM of your branch and give them proof you cancelled online so they can refund you from your original cancellation date.”

“dispute those charges with your credit card company. Have a copy of them telling you its been canceled. while in dispute you should not have to pay for those charges, depending on CC policy.”

“This happened to me through another gym. I sent a snail mail letter via certified mail with signature confirmation included and the charges stopped the next month.”


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