Washington, DC

Ed. Note: On Monday a few folks tweeted me at @PoPville to say they had been charged for September too.

“Dear PoPville,

I received an email today from WSC saying that I have a balance on my account, even though WSC announced in April that they’d be freezing accounts due to COVID and even though a judge granted DC’s request for a temporary restraining order against Town Sports, and directed Washington Sports Club not to charge consumers on September 1 if they canceled their accounts during the time the gyms were closed in March – June.

I thought I cancelled my account at some point, but I cannot find a confirmation from WSC (also weird that they make it so hard to cancel). Nonetheless, I found this request on an outstanding balance interesting as my account was on auto-pay (back when I had an account) and the account would have been frozen since April as indicated above.

Not sure if there’s anything that bad/nefarious going on here, but it just underscores the poor business practices of WSC that many have written about, and I wondered if others are having similar issues?”


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