Washington, DC

Photo by Ted Eytan

“Dear PoPville,

I’m curious if anyone else is having issues with updating their voter registration in DC. My housemate and I moved to a different ward within DC at the end of August and have since been trying to update the address on our voter registration. We each sent back the infamous perforated mailers with our new address at the beginning of September and then both followed up by submitting an electronic address change form to the Board of Elections a little over a week ago, given neither of our addresses had been updated online (plus all the anxiety about the post office’s reliability). As of today though, it still hasn’t been updated.

I assume they just have a huge backlog of updates that they’re slowly working their way through, but it’s somewhat concerning since they’re supposed to start mailing out ballots in early October. I’m not super worried about it for myself since I feel comfortable voting early in person and fixing it then, but it makes me worry that this may be a widespread issue.”


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