Washington, DC

Thanks to Lisa for sharing this much needed happiness:

“I was out with friends on a Potomac Paddle Club sunset cruise on Tues night… and around 8pm, we spied this “Marry Me” pop-up on the Watergate Steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

In a matter of minutes, a group of people had created a pathway with red carpet, heart balloons, and two different light boxes: one said “Marry” and the other said “Me”.

We only saw these 3 guys dressed in all black. So then, we started coming up with different stories for the proposal… Was the groom to be waiting for the bride to jog up? Where was the bride? OR Could this be a same-sex (male) engagement and the guys were already there with a friend?!?

No matter what… it was such a happy moment that it made our night, and we wish love and happiness to the mystery couple, who ever they are!!! “


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