Washington, DC

Photo by Pablo Raw

“Dear PoPville,

I have a question for the readership about DDOT No Parking permits. I’m moving out of an apartment that doesn’t have a loading dock, so I applied for and received a standard DDOT No Parking Permit for a moving truck. I applied for the permit on 7/22 for an 8/31 move out day. My permit is good for one day from the hours of 7am to 4pm. I went to the police station to print the signs on 8/9. So far, feeling pretty good and happy that I’m ahead of the game…

Just yesterday, No Parking signs were posted on my street effective for 8/20 – 8/31 for “Local Paving by DC/DDOT/GOVT”. These signs say they were printed on 8/15 – after I applied for and printed my permit.

What should I do about the overlapping day? I will need my moving truck to be parked on the street on 8/31 based on my scheduled move and my approved permit, but now DDOT has rights to restrict parking on that day for paving. You would think that the permit system would flag this conflict for one of us.

I realize that they might complete the paving ahead of schedule, but in my experience, they are just as likely to wait until the last day of their permit – the day we overlap – to do this work, which would throw a wrench in my moving plans to say the least.

Any advice on who to contact to get the actual paving schedule for this specific block and to make sure there won’t be a conflict? I tried calling the phone number listed on the DDOT permit that was posted to no avail. I’d rather not have to reschedule my whole move at this point.”


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