Washington, DC

Well this is awesome. Got this email from the Humane Rescue Alliance yesterday:

“We saw your missed connections post about the dog, Nick, and we tracked down the adopters.”

Now, because it took me three times to pass blogging school – it will not be a surprise that I messed up. I deleted the original email and need OP to email me again so I can connect you with the adopters!!

In the meantime check out this update from the adopters – and thanks again to the Humane Rescue Alliance for making the connection:

“He’s doing great. I adopted him from the Humane Rescue Alliance like the day after he was dropped off totally by chance. He is the happiest, most affectionate, and snuggly dog I’ve ever met. My mom describes him as aggressively affectionate. He literally has to lay on you, sleep with you, or cuddle on you at all times. Can’t get enough. He is the sweetest dog around. He loves people, other dogs, babies, anyone. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, sometimes to his own detriment haha.

I can’t thank the person who saved him enough. He’s my best bud and he’s got a whole family who loves him. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure he has a happy and full life. We try to show him new things and places all the time. About a year ago he also got his big sister Rosie who he is now completely bonded to. I’d love to get connected with the person who saved him and have him remeet nick! Can’t imagine where we’d be without him, he’s family.”


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