Washington, DC

845 Upshur Street, NW

The liquor license placard for Menya Hosaki says:

“A new Retailer’s Class D Restaurant with a seating capacity of 49 and Total Occupancy Load of 49.”

facing west towards Georgia Ave.

Their Instagram says: “DC location opening in September”. Stay tuned for an exact opening date.

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Just getting around to writing about the ramen trip in Tokyo earlier this year! This trip was so important to me. Not just because of all the delicious bowls, but a big wake up call/realization that came upon me. Before opening my permanent shop in DC, I wanted do a trip, initially, for “studying” the flavors. Yes, I learned alot, but that wasn’t the most valuable lesson. As an immature chef, I opened up my @menyahosaki popup with a strong attitude of wanting to show people of making house made ingredients that did not use “pre made” components that alot of shops use. While I still do take pride and joy in serving an honest dish, it was so tiring to always wanting to educate people. This ramen trip really helped me to see closer to what I should be thriving for. The rankings, the stars, the hype, the “must checkout” shops… were honestly a let down when it became a focus while eating those bowls. The best bowls I’ve had were from the shops/chefs that had a story and a history. From the moment you enter those shops, to the sipping of the last drop of soup, there is a feeling of intimacy you can’t quite describe. It might have been just a short read on the chef, or dozens of youtube videos, but history and story alone made those bowls better than any other ones. I don’t think i’ll ever say that I now have the answer to becoming the best ramen chef. However, I think I got to realize something important. Just like how this current popup became a short, yet valuable story for me, I want to continue making my story. So that people can see a glimpse of @menyahosaki ‘s journey while slurping away our bowls! Ramen is Love! ♥️

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