Washington, DC

Jared writes: “Hey PoPville, something doesn’t seem right here…How does DC Board of Elections know the address that the person doesn’t live at if it’s not on the side with the return postage? Am I missing something?”

Jacob replied: “Same concern. The barcodes are not identifying by my understanding. I just taped it with my info on the inside so they could unseal it and find my original address. This is a terrible time to move on so many levels lol”

and Garret: “Had the same question yesterday. To everyone saying “it’s the barcode,” there are only three on the half you return, and those don’t identify you, they just get it back to BOE. Jared’s are the exact same as mine, and yours.”

and Charles: “I have the exact same question. My wife and I got our own notices, plus the notices for five people who must have lived here sometime in the past. We’ve been here since 2016”

Charles also notes a Councilmember Charles Allen Tweet:

“Well, this tweet didn’t age well. Now that I look at the design for anyone with an incorrect address or needing their ballot forwarded, it doesn’t seem this mailer works for those voters. I’m already on the phone with the Board of Elections to find out more & will follow-up.


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