Washington, DC

Photo by Colin Etnire

Colin was first to report just after 6:30pm:

“there was this loud explosion on eckington and florida followed by this plume of ominous smoke…anyone know what’s up? DCFD was already on the scene when it happened.”

AK writes: “Not great lighting but more of the fire next to the Sirius XM building. I called 911 about 20 minutes ago [7:14pm] when I heard/saw a manhole explosion that caused a surge that killed my computer/tv/lights. It’s gotten bigger since then.”

Brianna reported: “Man hole exploded just north of the Wendy’s at NY and Florida Ave. Florida Ave is blocked off with a huge fire response. Several manhole covers flew very high up and came crashing down on several vehicles (one severely damaged vehicle to the far right of the photo). Active fire pictured to the far left next to the tree”

From DCFD:

“Update manhole Fire 1500 block Eckington Pl. NE. #DCsBravest are conducting a precautionary evacuation of the building housing Sirius XM studios, directly adjacent to burning manhole. @PepcoConnect advises they have cut power to the affected feeder & fire seems to be subsiding.”


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