Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

As I was out grabbing lunch Saturday, a protest against police violence was coming up 14th. Cops were closing streets, redirecting traffic, and the chants of “No racist police” echoed over the sirens.

As I walked up 14th, I saw a man speaking to his young daughter as she sat in her stroller watching the protest. I didn’t hear their whole conversation, but I heard the words “Isn’t this cool . . . In other countries, you couldn’t do this.”

I don’t know this man, and didn’t want to stop and interrupt him in his valuable lesson to his daughter. But I just wanted to thank him. Thank him for for being the definition of #DadGoals. For teaching his daughter about her rights to protest when she couldn’t be older than 8. For using these difficult moments in our country to teach his daughter that protesting is “cool.”

It gave me hope–I don’t know if this Dad will see this. But if he does, you made me smile and gave me hope. So thanks!”


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