Washington, DC

Photo by Kate Conradt

“Dear PoPville,

I live in an apartment building in Dupont/Kalorama. Since April, my building management has communicated that I cannot recycle plastic, aluminum, or paper until further notice. I am not sure why our trash/recycling contractor is not accepting anything except cardboard – possibly due to covid, but still, why?

Email sent to residents 4/7:

Until further notice, recycling service has been suspended per our waste hauler :-(

Email sent to residents 5/21:

Reminder that we are only recycling in the green dumpster and please break down all boxes. Please throw away all other recyclable items in with your normal trash.

Email sent to residents 7/21:

we are only recycling cardboard boxes at this time. Please do not place any items other than cardboard in dumpster and remember to break down your boxes before throwing them inside the green dumpster. All other recyclable items (glass, aluminum, paper) need to be thrown out with your regular trash. We will advise once recycling restrictions have been lifted.

I am confused why we don’t have recycling available for almost 4 months…I’m wondering whether any other building residents have experienced this, if this is covid-related, or if this is just my building management cutting corners.”


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