Washington, DC

Photo by slatifolia

“Dear PoPville,

Has anyone not been receiving their mail regularly the last few weeks? I just found out why. I went into the post office to drop off something I needed to send out because the mail carrier hasn’t come for the last three days. I asked to file a complaint and to get my mail and they told me that a new postmaster general was appointed by the Administration recently and apparently will not approve overtime for carriers. When the carriers asked what they should do if they can’t get the mail delivered by 5 pm, the answer was to “not deliver the mail and bring it back to the post office.” The station manager said they are encouraging people to write their cogressmen/women about the issue.”

Another reader writes:

“I have no idea who or how to report this but we have not received mail in over a week on our 100 U St NE block despite daily emails from USPS showing me pics of the mail ‘scheduled’ to be delivered.”


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