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“Yesterday afternoon an employee at our Florida Avenue location tested positive for COVID-19.”

300 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to Stephanie, “I love the staff there and really appreciate all the details and quick response they provided to the public.”, for passing on the post from ANXO:

“Yesterday afternoon an employee at our Florida Avenue location tested positive for COVID-19. The employee is asymptomatic and continues to feel well but is at home in quarantine. We were planning on closing the Florida location yesterday due to weather anyway, so we announced that closure while attending to the important task at hand.

All of our employees and owners that work out of the Florida Avenue location reported immediately to testing sites. They have all been tested and are now in quarantine while awaiting their results. We care greatly about their well-being and are in frequent communication with them about their needs. So far, no one is showing symptoms. Our employees will be paid to stay home for as long as is needed to ensure safety for all.

The employee that tested positive does not have any interaction with guests and we have no reason at this time to believe that any of our patrons would have been affected by this. We will reach out if new information contradicts that. We can also be reached at [email protected] if needed. Please check our social media as we will provide daily updates on our re-opening.

On May 15th ANXO split its staff into two pods. President Sam Fitz, Chef Alex Vallcorba, and the cidery production team have been based out of the Kennedy Street location ever since and have not had any contact with the Florida staff. Kennedy Street will continue to operate like normal and DC-wide deliveries will now come from that location. We are not able to offer all of the Provisions that we usually do, but we can still fill the majority of most orders.

Please consider supporting us by ordering ANXO Cider, beer, wine, or Lost Sock Coffee beans delivered to your door (link in bio!), or order some of Chef Alex’s amazing menu for pick-up or dine-in @ANXObrightwood. If you’re out of town, @ANXOcider ships to your door! We could use a little cheer from our friends and family!
Thank you for your understanding,

-The ANXO Team”

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