Washington, DC

The Indiegogo campaign says:

“When we started building St. Vincent, we envisioned a place where folks from all walks of life would come to share community and bond over our mutual love of good wine, food and live music. We were right on target for our opening in early Spring 2020, but that got reality-checked HARD by COVID-19. So here we are with a beautiful space and nobody to share it with…but we still have rent to pay. So, in anticipation of finally being allowed to open, we are launching this campaign to get folks excited about what we’ve spent the last year and a half working on. Have a look at our perks and see if anything tickles your fancy!

We’re hoping to raise at least $35,000 with this campaign to:

– provide an exciting opportunity for folks to invest in our concept and begin building our customer base;

– help us recoup a small portion of the costs of opening this business;

– implement community health provisions for the enhanced safety of our guests;

– begin recruiting and hiring our full-time staff as soon as possible.

Also: hey, we get it – these are strange, uncertain times, and you might not have the wiggle room in your personal budget to contribute to opening St. Vincent. Totally understand. However, we’d REALLY appreciate it if you shared this campaign on your personal social media accounts to help us cast as wide a net as possible. Just use the handy buttons that Indiegogo provides…EASY PEASY!

Hope to see you all out in the garden real soon. And remember – WASH YOUR HANDS!

Thanks a million!

Frederick Uku & Peyton Sherwood, owners, St Vincent Wine

ps. We’re excited about all of the perks, but the hoodies are really dope.

pps. The BFD & Private Party perks will be scheduled once DC’s COVID-19 restrictions on indoor space are lifted. The Wine Tasting perk can be held comfortably and safely outside on our deck.”


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