Washington, DC

3420 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Just got the call from the DC Dept of Health – apparently even more COVID tests were compromised due to heat.

Last Thursday 6/11, I waited nearly 3 hours in line to get tested for COVID at Engine 11 on 14th Street in Columbia Heights. I just got a call from a DC Department of Health representative informing me that my test results were “inconclusive” due to the tests being exposed to excessive heat. I asked if that was the case for all of the tests conducted at that site on that day and she said that was likely the case, and estimated that approximately 500 other test results were similarly impacted.

She encouraged me to go to a testing site to get tested again, and I asked if I would be able to skip the line or if there would be a special window of time for those whose tests had been affected. She said she was not sure and said I would have to go to the testing site and ask those working there.

This is mildly infuriating and very concerning… I hope they have resolved these issues and that the people getting tested this week are not similarly waiting in vain!

Does anyone have guidance on what I can do at this juncture to avoid waiting hours again?”


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