Washington, DC

SPGM writes: “why are we getting charged $100 late fee when YOUR service center was closed preventing us from getting the service?”

“Dear PoPville,

Get this. I made an appointment on 6/3 at the dmv to get my out of state license changed to a dc real ID. The appointment is for 7/1 at 8:30am. It was confirmed yesterday by a dmv employee. Confirmed. I received an email this morning saying the appointment has been canceled. I called the employee back and she offered zero help. Told me that there is a “glitch” in the system and it’s giving out 8:30am appointments when those don’t exist.

I tell you all this in case you want to tell the DC folks don’t be like me and get screwed out of an appointment you’ve been waiting a month for.”

And on a positive note:

“Dear PoPville,

Just a heads up that the DMV inspection station was quick today – about a 15 minute wait at 9 am. I know many readers, including myself, have been anxious to get that done!”


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