Washington, DC

Photo by Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

My HOA and I have a question we were hoping PoPville could help us answer! Yesterday we were on our patios, which are usually very quiet considering how close we are to a major street, when it sounded like someone turned on a leaf blower or lawn mower. This is totally normal considering it was a beautiful day to do yard work, so we didn’t think much of it until the sound continued for about 5 hours straight. Upon a bit of investigation, it looks as if the building next to us installed a major industrial a/c unit that makes it sound like there is constantly a lawnmower running next door.

I understand that the hot weather is coming and a/c units are going on across the city, but this one just appeared this year and is extremely disruptive even inside our bedrooms when we try to fall asleep at night. If it was just a small window box a/c unit in someone’s building, I don’t think anyone would care, but does anyone have experience with these industrial size a/c units causing a disruption? My guess is it isn’t just one person but maybe the building management that oversaw the install. It’s also possible the unit is broken and causing an abundance of noice. Is there anything we can do, or will we have to kiss peaceful mornings and quiet evenings goodbye?”


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