Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lucy M

“Dear PoPville,

I know this isn’t Reddit, but AITA/Do I have any ground to stand on here?

I live in a multi-unit condo where everyone’s air conditioners are on the roof. The only way to access the roof is through a specific condo unit.

Last summer our air conditioner broke and we figured we’d get it replaced in the spring of 2020. Little did we know COVID-19 would be in high gear and stay-at-home orders would be put in place.

We’re trying to schedule our AC to be replaced but the condo owners who can give the technicians roof access are refusing to let anyone into their home due to the virus.

The technicians have stated that they will take all necessary steps to avoid spreading contamination (wearing booties, masks, and gloves) but the owner’s aren’t budging.

Part of me understands their concern but part of me is thinking they can’t refuse entrance to maintenance who are doing repairs/replacements of the stuff that’s on the roof.

AITA? Am I not considering COVID-19 enough? Should I drop this until things calm down or do I have some ground to “make” them let in the AC technicians?

Thanks for any feedback!”


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