Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user slatifolia

“Dear PoPville,

I am looking for some guidance and help. I never realized I lived in an apartment with thin walls but now that everyone is home all day, it’s a reality I can’t escape.

My neighbors, a young couple, fight constantly. Not just the normal bickering that we all do with our significant others from time to time but full blown screaming, cursing, stomping matches. It’s daily. It’s hourly even. They both sound irate and they let each other know they are and it seems anything can set one off

– sleeping late, not flushing the toilet, speaking with friends, etc. They also scream at their dog.

The concern is not that it’s disruptive for me and my partner, it’s that I’m genuinely scared for them. I have not heard physical abuse but I can’t confirm it’s not happening either. Either way, I think this could be classified as verbal abuse.

Hearing this fighting so frequently is also causing a bit of anxiety for me so, what would others do in this situation? Should I slip a number to over-the-phone counseling under the door? I’ll take any ideas!

For context: I am not close with them and have only had your basic “hello” moments when we pass each other in the hall.”


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