Washington, DC

Thanks to Camaran for sending from Eckington

Continue to send your gardening triumphs and/or attempts to [email protected] thanks!

Lots more:

“Capitol Hill – Tennessee Ave NE” from Barbara

“Last Summer a friend dropped off a huge bucket full of flower bulbs he’d rescued from a dump. NO idea what they were, but we planted them in the Fall, and hoped for the best. And … ?? They came up this Spring, they are blooming … a beautiful, and welcome, surprise” from Gret

From Michael

From Rachel

“Self-distancing daffodil, 12th St SW” from Chase

Jefferson St NW from Lauren

“My “Christmas” cactus is blooming now. Changing name to Corona cactus.” from Katharine

Thanks to Thomas for sending from Georgetown.

John from Petworth

“Brassicas in the garden (supervisor laying down on the job on the second level), last fall’s lettuce that didn’t die, and flowers blooming already a couple weeks ago.” From Toni

“These wintered over under sheet cloth covers. We grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, herbs, etc. In those grow bags to the right.” from Kate.

“Here are some photos front his morning — all native plants!” from Shari

“mojito mint on the roof!” from Lindsay


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