Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted you to be aware and maybe post that folks should be careful with deliveries these days!
I usually have deliveries made to my office which is not an option right now.

A big Chewy box was taken off of our front porch the other day – and the contents emptied and then the people had the nerve to put it out at the recycle bin.

It had 3 bags of special dog food, treats vitamins – the only thing I can hope is someone’s dog needed it all more than my 3 little guys did.

It’s even more upsetting because due to Covid, the delivery took 2 weeks to get here in the first place.

Thanks for letting folks know to be careful. And it says CHEWY in big blue letters right on the box.

I guess dog food and toilet paper are hot commodities these days!”


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