Washington, DC

If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share for the regular fix please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. AdoPtville is run by two volunteers who compile these pets weekly from local shelters.

Looking for a long-eared goofball? Apply today to meet Homer through City Dogs Rescue. He is a handsome boy who loves a good scent and a good meal.

This gentle giant seems to think he’s smaller than he is: at 66 lbs, he’d still love to crawl right up into your lap. Homer has a sweet, calm, and serious demeanor, but he also has playful moments–like tossing his head and putting on a real show for you. It’s quite a sight! His beautiful hound dog eyes and ears get him lots of attention while out on walks. Homer is very friendly, a good leash-walker, and meets dogs nicely on leash.

He sure loves to have lots of sniffs when he’s out and about. His favorite place to be is the woods – he loves to smell all the nature and go on long walks exploring the forest. At home, he gets super excited for dinner and leaps around and barks–especially if any of his favorites are on the menu–such as peanut butter, cheese, cabbage leaves and green beans! He is working on expanding his vocabulary to include “roll over” and “stay”, having already mastered “shake”, “sit”, and “down”. Homer is looking for a forever family that will adore him as much as he will adore them! (It is hard not to love this adorable, happy pooch!) Homer is not well suited to apartment living, and needs to be adopted to a single family home. Will you give Homer a home?

Lionel is a sweet boy who has extra toes! Lionel really lives up to his name as a sweet, curious and energetic cat. When he isn’t busy playing with his toys, Lionel loves to spend time with his humans. He would love to have all of your attention, so it’s best if he’s the only pet, but he doesn’t mind the company of certain dogs. He is able to adapt to whatever feeding schedule works with your routine and is litter box trained, with only occasional exceptions.

Lionel guarantees endless laughs, as he loves to explore but is quite clumsy. He is a sweet cat who is quite cuddly and affectionate and he would love to call your home his home! To learn more about Lionel, adoptable through City Kitties, click here.


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