Washington, DC

3219 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

From the owner:

“My wife and I bought Pfeiffer’s Hardware back in 2010. It was a way of investing in our community beyond owning a home and the work that I had done with Hear Mt. Pleasant and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission. We were able to improve sales and diversify the product mix to cater to cyclists, homebrewers and homesteaders. After our first 5 years, we had an option to extend our lease under the same terms. We had begun to think about selling the store and moving from DC to seek out new adventures, but we weren’t quite ready. We renewed out lease for another 5 years.

We decided to move to Seattle in the summer of 2019, hoping that we’d be able to find a buyer for the store. Unfortunately, as we neared the end of the year, our Landlord needed to know if we were going to renew for another 5 years or end it. We made the decision that we didn’t want to risk a commitment like that now that we had moved away.

I lived in Mt. Pleasant for a long time and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s not my place to share the news about what’s upcoming, but I’m glad to say that I’m excited for the neighborhood for what will come next for that space. In the meantime, we’re running clearance sales now to clear out as much inventory as we possibly can. We’ll close our doors to the public on April 19th. If you own a business in the DC area and would be interested in participating in a bulk purchase, we’re extending invites to qualified parties for March 20th. You can email me at [email protected] or William Hester at [email protected] if you are interested.”


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