Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

Ed. Note: A LOT of folks were confused by this message many received on their phones last night. It was not a shelter in place order (at this time, anyway.) Seems like some officers are confused too.

“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if this is happening elsewhere in the city. We have a nanny share between our two children and one other child. Today the Nanny took the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood, like she does everyday for exercise and fresh air. Today police saw her, asked if she was going to Lincoln park, she replied no, that she was just walking around and making sure they avoid people. Police told her she can’t do that, she is not allowed to leave the house and she must go home.

Side note: I know there are debates right now about nanny shares continuing but my husband and I are both deemed Mission Essential, fortunately can work from home, but could be required to go into work at any time.

Both families and the Nanny have isolated ourselves since March 15, only going out for groceries, gas, and exercise. We pick and drop our nanny off so she doesn’t have to take public transportation. I’m not sure if the police said this to her because of orders from higher up, or b/c she is a nanny with 3 kids.

In a time when we have limited options with kids it’s very frustrating to be told we can’t even go for walks, especially when you see groups of 15-20 people playing sports at various fields or hanging on the corner of 15th and Indy, or 15th & A St SE on a daily basis smoking/selling drugs. Maybe the cops should be focusing on that!”


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