Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Wanted to share my experience this morning as both a chance to vent and an opportunity to warn drivers in DC. I had my car booted this morning for $96 in tickets, from 2 parking tickets. This seems like an incredibly trivial amount to boot a car over, and for two tickets I had honestly not remembered (an email warning would have been nice, as I’m signed up for email alerts). In addition to this, they scratched the wheel they attached it to. I have a RPP and DC plates, having just renewed. Seems like something that could have been brought to my attention then!

The man that came to un-boot me was quick, knowledgable and super kind. He polished off the wheel with a cloth after removing the boot, and then gave me a direct supervisor number to file a complaint, at which point he said it this happens “all the time” and that for such a small amount the government would absolutely lose money after paying for the wheel repair.


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