Washington, DC

The beloved, original, 11th street chicken first spotted back in 2008

“Dear PoPville,

I’m a first time house owner and now have a back yard big enough to fulfil my Millennial dreams of urban homesteading. What are the regulations in DC around having chicken coops? I’ve been reading mixed messages from the city, the DOH and other sources. If you currently raise chickens, take me through how you’ve done it. If you tried and failed, what happened?

Ed. Note: There was an epic battle back in 2017. Alas: “Chickens Emerge Victorious!”

via D.C. Backyard Chickens

From D.C. Backyard Chickens:

“Thanks to all of your help and support, Mayor Muriel Bowser has removed the language from the 2018 Budget that would ban backyard chickens in D.C.!

Chickens Emerge Victorious!

But D.C. still needs a clear path forward for backyard chickens, including transparent and rational regulations that protect citizens’ rights and put minimal strain on the Department of Health.

We are a coalition of D.C. residents who keep backyard chickens as pets, for our children, as a hobby, and to support a sustainable lifestyle.

If you have chickens in D.C., or are interested in doing so, join our Google Group to get up to date info and meet like-minded supporters in D.C.”


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