Washington, DC

1825 14th Street, NW

Back in June we learned that Gypsy Kitchen was coming to the now closed Masa 14 space. The new liquor license placard says:

“New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant specializing in Mediterranean, Spanish, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern/Indian food.

Applicant is applying for a Sidewalk Cafe Endorsement with 10 seats. Applicant is also applying for a Summer Garden Endorsement with 65 seats. Total seating inside is 225 with a Total Occupancy Load of 270.”

Gypsy Kitchen’s Atlanta website says:

“Our restaurant draws inspiration from the culinary riches of Spain – infused with Moroccan traditions from across the Gibraltar and Indian influences that travelled west along the same seas. Centuries of interplay between these food traditions and lands inspires our Iberian fusion plates.

We also bring you the best of modern day Spanish cuisine, a sophisticated mix of traditional classics artfully interpreted through a contemporary lens, tracing through the eclectic regions of Spain, from the southwest coast of Andalusia to the Basque and Galician regions to the north, and then east to Catalonia. These creations are the fruits of our labor and are the result of years of joyful research from extensive travels throughout Spain, much like gypsies on a culinary adventure.

Gypsy Kitchen truly is our rite of passage, representing our inner passion to explore and create so as to bring you a taste of some of the best culinary gems and flavors that this region has to offer. We truly hope you enjoy these creations that tribute to great Spanish traditions and people, so savor deeply, sip robustly & speak loudly as you’re among friends…salud!”

See their menu here and stay tuned for an opening date.


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