Washington, DC

The Washington times, 1915 via Library of Congress‘s Chronicling America

The last time we had a poll on this was back in 2012, I imagine the results will be quite different today but it’ll be interesting to monitor. We had a lengthy updated discussion on this back in 2014 but I inexplicably didn’t include a poll.

If you wish to expand on your situation in the comments it would be interesting to know what year you first started renting your current apartment and/or what year you bought your house/condo. Also are you talking about 1 person, 2 or more people? And if folks are really willing to expand – the more details the merrier: What neighborhood do you live in? How many bedrooms? Is it a basement? Does your building have amenities? Are utilities included (for those who rent)? And, like in 2014, for those who’d be willing to share – your rent/mortgage is what percentage of your monthly income?


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