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Friday Question of the Day – How Much is Your Rent?

by Prince Of Petworth — May 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm 234 Comments

When we discuss rentals of the day folks are often astonished about how much it costs to rent in DC. I think for a little perspective we should share how much we are currently paying for rent. Of course there are many caveats – If you started renting your current digs in 1999 please say so. Actually, that’ll be interesting too – what year did you start renting your current room/apartment/house? Please say what neighborhood you are renting in. Do you live in an apartment building or row house? If you live in a basement unit please specify. If you have roommates or live in a group house please say so.

If you now own a home how much was your rent when you last rented? When I first moved to DC in 1997 I was paying $970 for a 2 bedroom basement rental in Woodley Park near the metro. I last rented in 2002 and was paying $1220 for a 1 bedroom in Woodley Park near the zoo.

So for the FQotD – how much is your rent?

  • I didn’t know you lived in Woodley Park from 1997-2002. I lived there too, from 1996 to 2002. We probably ran into each other! I lived in Connecticut plaza, closer to the zoo. Loved it! I was paying $975 at first, eventually up to $1200 for a nice 1-bedroom, top floor, facing SW.

    • dcd

      Me too – 1999-2001. Lived right on Conn. Ave between Cathedral and Garfield in the top 2 floors of a not-very-well-maintained rowhouse, the first floor of which was an OB/GYN office. Got some strange from tourists on their way to the Zoo on Saturday and Sunday mornings as I straggled out, unshowered and unshaven in a baseball cap, with the effects of the previous night all over my face. Good times.

  • zrc

    Lived in a 2br/1ba in Glover Park in 1999. Rent was $900/mo.

    Moved to 2.5br/2ba (the 3rd br was so small we called it “the roombed” because it could only fit a twin bed touching all four walls) rowhouse at 16th and T NW in 2001. It was $2400/mo, so we each paid $800.

    Am now in a huge 1br in Adams Morgan that was $1250 (all utilities included) when we moved in in 2002. After yearly increases, it is now up to $1611/mo. It’s the greatest building in DC, IMHO, so it’s worth every penny.

    • ShawShank

      Bahahahaha. Roombed. I currently live in a newly constructed 2br, 1 den, 2ba, apartment in two joined rowhouses at 11th and N (between Logan and the Convention Center). Because it is two joined rowhouses, the floor plans are a little funky and my roommate has a glorified “roombed” that he pays $700/month for. We pay $2500 among 3 of us starting 3 years ago. I think we would be priced out of the area right now.

    • Anonymous

      Would you mind sharing the name/address of this awesome building? I’ll be looking for a new place in Adams Morgan come September.

      • sb

        If it’s rent-controlled, they can take vacancy increases of up to 30% every time an apartment turns over, so it probably will be a worse deal for new residents.

  • Malnurtured Snay

    I pay $1340 for a studio in WP, going up to $1400 in July.

  • 1 BR in Kalorama / Adams Morgan for $1100 from 2001 — 2004 before I bought a place.

  • taws

    I’m cheating, a little. I live in Forestville, MD (Suitland metro station). For a studio, I pay $839/month including utilities, parking, and gym/pool access. Sweet deal.

    • poppinpopsicles

      Crazy that in 2004, that’s about what my cousin was paying for an older but very nice studio in Quebec House in Cleveland Park, close to the metro with decent amenities.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I’m cheating a little too. I live on Southern and Branch Ave right on MD, DC line. (By Naylor Rd. Station) 1065 1 bedroom, all utilities included, store in building, pool and gym.

  • Daniel

    $2050 large basement 2bed/2bath at 16th and U from 2009 – 2012. Just moved into a large studio at 15th and Euclid for $1110.

    • Anon


      Did you have to pay utilities at 16th and U? Nice basement?

      • Daniel

        Yes, just electricity. It was a pretty nice basement actually – great light with separate dining space and washer/dryer. The second bedroom is pretty small though, but having a separate bathroom is great. Our lease ends at the end of the month and I don’t know if they’ve secured a tenant yet, but let me know if you’re interested and I can put you in touch with the property manager.

  • DC Native

    $1225 for a basement apt in Columbia Heights/Petworth approx 4 blocks south of Georgia Ave metro.

    • Calle

      Does this include utilities?

  • UStreeter

    $2000 something for a one bedroom at 13th and U. Love the layout of my apartment, but its the Ikea of buildings. Looks nice, ’til you realize its made of cardboard. I’ve lived here since 2008 (rent has gone up over 300 bucks), and the microwave is the only thing in the place that hasn’t broken at least once. Also the apartment has flooded several times. Including once when maintence came in to try to fix the reoccuring flooding, and set off the sprinklers. Eventually I’ll get around to moving.

    • Do you live at the Ellington by chance? The paperthin walls are the bane of my existence.

  • ez

    $1196 for a 450 sq ft studio (3rd floor in a small building) in Mt. Pleasant. Utilities included and 3 blocks from the metro. Renting since Aug. 2011

    • I’m looking for a 1-bedroom in Mt. P – would you mind letting me know your building info?

      • ez

        Sure- it’s Park Marconi on 16th and Lamont. Run by Borger Mgmt. I really like it here.

      • RJBT

        I pay $1080 for a 1BR @ 17th & Irving and I’m moving out in July. (Started at $975 in 2008.) The apartment is pretty good — my only complaint would be the thin walls. Managed by the Barac Company.

  • Tree

    2300 for a 1br at 12 and u. W/d, garage parking, huge patio. A lot of ash but worth it i think.

    • Chalk

      I lived at 12th and U in 2007/2008. I split $2300 with a roommate for two bed/two bath, parking and no utilities. It was a basement apartment.

      I now own a condo at 14th and Chapin, and until a year ago was renting out my second bedroom and bathroom for $1100/month, including cable and internet.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a pretty good deal! I find rents on U Street to be very high, especially for places with parking. Not that yours is cheap, but it’s better than a lot of what I’ve seen out there in the area.

  • jonnydanish

    When I first moved to Logan Circle in 2005, we payed $800 a month for a 2 bed/1 BA apt located 1 block from the circle. When I switched the lease to my name in 2007, they jacked my rent up by 10%. That increase coupled with the small annual increases of 2-5%, I now pay $1050!

    • houseintherear

      That’s amazing!

  • B2

    $1100 for an 800sq ft basement in north Columbia Heights. Moved in last month.

  • stinkypesto

    $1080 for a full rowhouse a block off H St NE on 13th. 2 bedroom. Freshly renovated 2 years ago when I moved in.

    • Buk

      This seems completely insane. Are you sure you aren’t paying $1080 each? I lived on Linden Pl. and paid $2100 for a 2 bedroom in 2008…and that was the standard rate at the time

      • stinkypesto

        Yep. It’s a damn good deal. A place on Wylie was up on Yarmouth for $2300 something earlier this month.

  • dctropics

    My partner (now husband!) and I lived in a not-so-awful 1 bedroom basement apartment in Adams Morgan when we first moved here in 1991. $750/month seemed like an awful lot of money at the time.

  • CA

    Between 2007-2009 I lived on U St. NW between 17th & 18th and paid $1,450 for a “Jr. 1BDR” in an English Basement and rear off-street parking–which was killer in that n’hood on weekends–my rent never went up because my landlord just liked me. It was a great spot and it was so cheap it made it difficult to leave when I bought my place 3 years ago.

  • I lived in the Embassy Apts from summer 2008 till 2010 and paid $2500 for a 1200 sf, 2 BR top floor apt. It was a great place.

    From 1989-1993, I lived in a Mt. P group house on Kilbourne with two other people and paid about $500. It was also a great place.

    • *FYI, Embassy Apts are at Mt. P and Harvard Sts. I rented my place out for $2,000 for four nights during Obama’s inauguration.

  • Erica

    I lived in a 1br/1ba English basement of a rowhouse in Mt Vernon Sq from 2006-2011. I paid $1100/mo when I moved in and $1150/mo for the last 4 years. Utilities were extra. It was about 400 sq ft and not in great condition, but it was pet-friendly and close to Chinatown and all the metro lines without being too noisy.

    I moved to the Brightwood/14th St Hts neighborhood in 2011 and pay $1500 for a 2br/1ba basement of a detached house. Utilities are included, and my landlord didn’t raise the rent when I renewed my lease. I haven’t measured but I think this place is about twice the size of my old place (so around 800 sq ft). The house is in better condition, pet-friendly, and there is a backyard. I am at least a mile to any metro station but lots of bus lines that get me to work and fun.

    Both units had washers and dryers in the unit.

  • amel

    When I first moved to DC back in 1998, I rented around the U street area a large 1br/1ba apartment in a secure building on 15th street across from Malcolm X park (forgot the building #) and my rent was $525 a month (ALL utilities included). I loved that apt, I only paid for cable.

    I moved to the Maryland burbs in 1999 and moved back to DC in 2005 when I purchased my current home in Col Hgts.

  • Anonymous

    I currently pay about $500 for a room in a group house in petworth moved in 2010.

  • Nichole

    I normally don’t tell people what my rent is/was because I’ve had such a sweet deal, but since I’m moving, I’ll share.

    I currently pay $1500/month for an almost 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom above ground, corner apartment (the entire first floor of a renovated market) on Capitol Hill at the corner of 10th and Constitution. When I first moved in 10 years ago, it was $1300/mo. (he’s increased the rent by $50 every other year or so) It’s the best apartment in the world, with 11 ft ceilings, washer/dryer, hardwood floors, exposed brick, working fireplace, lots and lots of huge windows and only 2 other units in the bldg, occupied by cool people with whom I’ve shared a huge corner patio for years. I am sad to be leaving, and if I had my way, I’d have rented here forever. Also, the landlord doesn’t care when I pay my rent, fixes things immediately, lets me store stuff in the basement, paints my walls whatever colors I’ve wanted and is generally an awesome guy.

    Oh, and he’s not jacking up the rent when I leave either. He’s renting it for $1500. (utilities not included, and are kind of high b/c of the ceilings, windows and other things that make it kind of a b*tch to heat and cool)

    • Moving

      Why moving? Need someone to take the old place?

    • I am a teacher and am looking for an affordable place to live with my partner that is in grad school right now. Any chance you could share the landlord’s contact info? If you’d prefer I give you an email address, I’d be happy to do so!

    • Nichole

      Sorry guys, it’s already taken!

      Moving because my father is no longer doing so well with the Living Alone thing. His health is fine, but all the rest of, not so much. He needs someone to manage things and to be accountable to someone every day, otherwise things just slip. It’s just he and I, so I’m moving home to Pittsburgh to live with him and help him out with everything from managing the bills to redecorating/remodeling/renovating the split level house (built in 1961) that he and my mother bought when she was pregnant with me in 1974. (still has the original harvest gold appliances and linoleum floors with the little flecks on them!) It looks exactly the same in every way as it did the day my mom died 8 years ago, so it’s in need of a lot of TLC. But it’s paid off, so I don’t mind investing in a cool renovation. It’s more interesting than buying an off-the-rack suburban Pittsburgh McMansion type thing.

      More info than you needed, but that’s why I’m moving!

      • Random

        Just wanted to say good luck, and I wish you and your father the best.

        • anonymous

          +1. Best wishes for your move and the house projects.

          • Nichole

            Thank you!

        • Nichole

          Thank you! I never thought I’d leave DC, but things don’t always go the way we plan them! Trying to stay positive and seeing it as an interesting opportunity!

  • ken

    Seriously, nobody has brought this up?


    The rent is too damn high!

  • Kam

    I will have to get back to you all on what I paid living in 66 V St. NW back in the mid to late 90s. But when I moved back here in 2007 and until I got married last year, I paid $1,050 for a small (maybe 550 sq ft or so) but cool 1bedroom, 1 bath english basement on 42nd and Benning NE. It was actually a friend’s friend condo – W/D in unit, granite counter tops, fully furnished, front door on bus line – 1 minute ride to Benning Rd. Metro or 7 minute walk or 3 minute ride to X2, 5 minute ride to MN Ave metro, 15 minute walk. Safeway is a 10 minute walk.

    Yeah it is in the hood but I never had a problem and could get anywhere in the city faster than a lot of people. I’m sure the investors are and have been all up in it. 10 years from now…

    I will say getting cabs to and from totally sucked.

    • Kam

      Take thst back, I lived there from Dec 2007 to July 2010. A lot of people talk about the area but I never heard about any of the issues you allcomplain about. Funny how that works, I guess if you are in the hood there is a common unwritten code of conduct.

    • It’s not perfect, but I do like that area.

      Certain blocks can be a lil hot, though. Very block to block.

      • Kam

        No doubt, I dared not venture onto Dix or one of the back blocks, I heard at times, they won’t let you drive down the street… When I went anywhere I kept my black ass right on Benning though I never had a reason to venture off of it it. 6D being there helps a lot cuz cops are always driving by. Not that that stops some folks and you are right, some of those blocks are vicious.

  • 17th&Q

    I’m surprised and impressed at the deals everyone has had.

    I currently pay $1490 (including utilities) for a large and cool (lots of character, high ceilings, two fireplaces) Jr. 1 Bedroom at 17th and Q. And I split that with my old lady.

    Before this I lived at 15th and U, on U, in a 3 bedroom that only cost $2100. I had a huge room with a bay window overlooking Ust. With two other roommates I only paid $700. There was a W/D and New York style fire escape and roof access.

    Before that (2005) I rented at 20th and N in a building with a rooftop pool and all the fancy bells and whistles. Our 2 bed, 2 bath place went for around $2000.

    But now I’m looking to move. Anybody have recommendations?

    • Kam

      Why are you surprised. There are people getting way better deals than what you see above because they are grandfathered in. The rent didn’t used to be like this but with all of the gentrification and lack of land, prices are skyrocketing. Capitalism at its finest. LOL!

      • Anonymous

        $2900 for 2ba 2ba at 14th and RI

    • yo

      I suspect only those of us with good deals are responding. 🙂 If I still was paying way to much, I’d have been too embarrassed to respond, haha.

      • Kam

        LOL! It is funny because it is true.

    • maria

      can i have your apartment? 🙂 i pay $1550 all utilities included for a large studio (separate dining area, etc) in adams morgan.

  • Anonymous

    Currently paying $850 for 2 bedroom in Mt Pleasant. Some years back I paid $600 for 3 br house in Capitol Hill (10th and D NE).

  • I pay $1800 to rent a 700 sq foot one bedroom condo in Courthouse. It doesn’t have a lot of character, but the building is very well-built and well-run, has an amazing gym and 24 hour front desk, I have an indoor parking space and a nice view, is two blocks from the Metro, and the landlord hasn’t raised my rent in four years.

    From 2006-2009 I paid $1650 for a 1960s era 1 bedroom in Glover Park, with an outdoor parking space, no dishwasher, and laundry in the basement.

    Before that I rented a 1000 sq foot gorgeous loft in a historic rehab building in St. Louis. It had 16 foot ceilings, a view of all of downtown including the Arch, gated offstreet parking, and was in a beautiful walkable neighborhood. I paid $950 and everyone told me it was overpriced.

  • anonnnn

    currently in a 1 BR near convention center. paid $1050 when I moved in 2008, now pay $1125. no utils included.

    When I first moved to dc, i was living in a studio on Mass ave in scott circle, for $800/month that went up to $950 I think over the 5 years that I lived there. all utils included.

  • K

    $825 for a basement in Petworth, 4 blocks from metro. Large studio-ish room plus a full kitchen (bathroom, washer and dryer). Landlord has to come through to use washer and there’s not that much light – but I love the neighborhood and space. Rent hasn’t gone up since I arrived 3 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    $865 for my half of a 2 bedroom in Logan Circle in 2006. Moved to Jr. One Bedroom in Logan for $1183 in 2007, now up to $1375, increase in August to come….2-5% rent controlled.

  • Megan

    I share a large 1 bedroom in SW with my boyfriend for $1600 utilities included. Prior to that we had a great 2 bedroom house with backyard and parking spot with his brother for $2200 a month, but that place had really high utilities. We’ve been here a year and will probably stay one more.

  • I have a large studio (full kitchen, separate living/sleeping areas, etc) 1 block from Foggy Bottom metro that is $1150 all utilities included. I’ve been here almost 4 years, and the rent has held steady. I’d prefer to be in another neighborhood, but the place is too good to spend my time hunting down a something remotely close in price and space.

  • J

    I lived in a decent-sized 1 br in Shaw with a small yard and washer and dryer from 2009-2010. We (my then girlfriend, now wife and I) paid $1200 a month plus utilities. We bought in NE or else we would’ve stayed. It felt like a good deal for pet owners and the neighborhood seems like it’s on the upswing.

  • rileysoprano

    Ok so I just moved to this area from Baltimore after a very brief stay ( a few months- it wasn’t for me) in Silver Spring- the prices were high but not THAT shocking…. I pay $1270 for a decent studio in one of the highrises in petworth. It’s a great location, I am near the metro and within walking distance of Columbia Heights. I have a good, separate kitchen as well as a walk in closet and some nice features like older door knobs and nice common spaces. My place also includes basic utilities.

    I do miss my first Baltimore row house apartment though… 800 square feet, 14 foot ceilings, little balcony, basement storage and all utilities (in a great neighborhood) for $550! That was in 2002 ….

  • petworthy

    I bought in 2009 after renting a house down the street at 2K/mo. My mortgage is 1600 piti. Couldn’t have done it without HPAP though. Marvelous program.

  • poppinpopsicles

    $1025 for the master bedroom in an awesome three bedroom apartment in close-in Capitol Hill (though a 10-15 minute walk to Union Station or Cap South/Easter Mkt). When I first moved here in early 2008, I paid $700 for a teeny bedroom in a four bedroom group house 2 blocks from where I am now. When I left that place in 2011, i was paying something like $850-900 for one of the larger bedrooms (rent was increased when the landlord renovated the kitchen too).

    • Anonymous

      We’re thinking of renting out our furnished master bedroom for a few months in the summer (1 block from Eastern Market). What do you think a fair rate would be?

  • DiploJ

    We got sick of renting for $2K plus/month for a one-bedroom in a great locations. So we bought a 2 bedroom in Logan Circle last year and now we pay $2K/month for a much larger, much nicer two-bedroom.

    Buying is the way to go.

    • Anonymous

      how can you buy a 2br in logan circle for less than 500k? I’m assuming your place was somewhere between 350 – 400 with a mortgage payment like that… unless you had 150k in down payment…

      I was looking to buy a few years back and I know prices in dc haven’t dropped, but I still think that it’s cheaper to rent in 99% of NW.

      • DiploJ

        We paid $450K for a 2 bedroom 1 bath w/parking and put up a 20% down payment. With current rates, that keeps our mortgage payments under $2K. The big challenge was saving up for that down payment…

        • Anonymous

          yeah, not too many people can save up 90k renting in dc. I think it would take me 10 years at which point 90k wouldn’t be sufficient.

  • Anonymous

    $1900 for a 560 sq ft. apartment at 15th and P in 2010. By March 2012, we were paying $2350. Bought a 1400 sq foot rowhouse in Mount Vernon two months ago with the same approximate mortgage payments. It probably doesn’t make much sense to rent in NW DC anymore.

    • Anonymous

      totally depends on how hard you look. I had a 500 sq ft apartment at 15th and P I just moved out of in April and I was only paying $1100/mo.

  • rosied

    My husband and I pay $1700 for a 700 sq foot one bedroom condo in Columbia Heights. The building is a little old but nothing has broken and our landlords are great. We also have a small outdoor space which is awesome. The neighborhood is great too. Just signed the lease for our 3rd year.

  • Anonymous

    I last rented in early 2011. My girlfriend and I had been renting a large townhouse that her mother owns, and only paying $1200 in rent for it. Unfortunately it was in Annandale, and the commute was brutal! But if it weren’t for that opportunity I don’t think we ever would have saved enough for our downpayment.

  • Too Much

    Moved into the Park Triangle Apartments in Columbia Heights in Oct. 2010 and was paying $1900 for a 1 bedroom. Though as of May 2012 the rent has sky rocketed up to $2300… Awesome huh? So in July we are moving to some equally nice digs in a condo building that will only cost $1850 a month and is only two blocks from where we currently are living. I think one of the reasons our rent is so high is that we have a dog, as soon as you check that box on craigslist, 2/3 of every apartment disappear.

  • Andrew (resident of Adams Morgan)

    When I moved to DC in 2005, I paid $1250 for a studio basement in Dupont that was in a former embassy that was turned in condos. I left in 2008 and have been in a 2br 2ba condo in Adams Morgan and have been paying $2700 since then. The condo is basically brand new and has never caused me any headaches.

    But after reading all the other comments, starting to think I can find a much better deal.

  • We’re pretty lucky, and got a (relatively) sunny 1-bdrm English Basement in Columbia Heights for $1400/month. 900 sq ft, moved in 2010.

  • $1250 for one bedroom basement unit in Columbia Heights.

  • 11th

    $915 for a 750 sq ft one bedroom at 11th and otis/monroe nw. getting married and fiancee getting a job at some still to be determined school in the area (maybe damascus, maybe georgetown, who knows), so very likely leaving a great place that’s only getting greater with 11th street’s improvements. downsides to the current apartment: occasionally homeless people sleep in the halls and the walls are super thin.

  • krw

    Last I rented (March 2011-March 2012), rent was $2400 for a 2-BR, 1-BA in Woodley Park.

  • Anonymous

    First apartment in 1994 (went to GW, it was cheaper than the dorms): Our shared one-bedroom at the Colonial Arms on 26th Street in Foggy Bottom was $750/month total.

    After graduation in 1997, moved with three friends to four-bedroom Capitol Hill rowhouse at 4th and D NE. We paid $1,600 total.

  • Paid $1200 to rent a small row house on Parker St NE, near 3rd and K NE. That was 2006. Rent went up to $1300 in 2007.

    Paid $1400 for a newly renovated 2 bedroom apartment over the chinese carryout on the eastern side of N. Cap and R St NE, that was 2008.

    Bought my house in Brookland in 2009.

  • JEH

    I pay $2000 for a 2 bed/1 bath basement apartment at 18th and U. I’ve been renting since 2008, it seemed high at the time, but now it seems like a bargain.

  • ptb22

    2004-2006: $950 plus utilities for a 1 BR basement apartment a few blocks from the House Office Buildings on the Hill
    2006 – 2008: $1450 plus electric for a 2 BR garden style apartment in Glover Park
    2008-2011: $1700 plus utilities for a 3 BR rowhouse in Brookland (7 blocks from the Metro)
    2011-present: Own a house, but rent out a basement apartment in Northern Columbia Heights for $1250 which includes utilities and parking

  • i moved here in 2009 and still live in the same place, paying $800 for my share of a 3 bedroom (plus 1 unoccupied guest room) rowhouse in bloomingdale/truxton circle. utilities aren’t included, so my total costs are usually around $900-950.

    • total for entire house: $2400

  • mtp

    1500 for 2 br basement in mt pleasant. utils included. love it!

  • PeachyKeen

    Been living in a 1 bedroom in Columbia Heights since 2004. My rent started out at $695 now its $884. All utilities included.

  • $1500 includes all utilities except electric (~$30/mo) for a good sized (maybe 700 sqft?) one bedroom basement unit a block from Georgia Ave metro. Gets good light through glass brick but no view, very little storage. It’s newly renovated and a very sweet space, with awesome landlords whose children are thrilled to provide free catsitting! The major downside is having only one closet for two people.

  • pru

    I wonder how many of the below $1000 answers are actually roommate contributions to rent as opposed to whole rent.

  • Alice

    I rent a studio (separate room for kitchen, walk in closet, plus a foyer!) in Adams Morgan for $1191. I started renting in 2006 for about $1050. It’s the best building in DC.

    • Alice

      utilities included

      • Anonymous

        Mind sharing the the name/address of your building? I’ll be looking for a new place in Adams Morgan next fall, I’m interested in what building you think is the best in DC! Thanks.

        • Alice

          Melwood by Bernstein Management Co. It’s rent controlled and they take care of the building. It has a gym and I think you can pay extra for a storage unit. It’s on a quiet street, but right next to all the night life.

        • Alice

          Anther cool thing: when I moved in they let you pick colors so they could paint 2 walls (maybe more walls for a 1 bedroom). My foyer is blue and I have a blue accent wall in the living area. I don’t know if they still do this, but was 1 of the reasons I picked to live there.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the info! Will definitely check it out when it’s time to move in the fall.

  • Andy

    Columbia Heights. Moved in 2009. 1 Bedroom on the 1st floor in a converted Row House>Apartments. Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Back Office, Large Private Deck out back, “Shared” patio and front yard/garden out front, Free parking spot. $900 when moved in, going up to $1,000 this June.

    • Andy

      I should also add all utilities (water, gas, power, etc) included.

  • Kgo

    I own in petworth now, but I lived in downtown Silver Spring from 97-09.

    In 97 I was paying about $740/month (plus utilities) for a tiny one bedroom apt on 16th and 410.

    Moved to Roeder Rd in 1998 and paid $900 for a one bedroom (utilities included). Lived there from 98-01 and rent increased to about $1050.

    Moved pretty much across the street to the corner of 29 and Spring st in 2001 and paid $1000 (utilities included) for a HUGE 1 bedroom with balcony. When we moved in 2009, we were paying $1600.

    Now, the monthly rent in that building is closer to $1900. We were essentially priced out of Silver Spring, but it was good because we bought a house in Petworth, yay!

  • I own now, but last rented a 1BR in Glover park from 2010-2011 for $1650, and before that I was in a 2BR at 17th & U that was $2750 total from 2008-2010. It sort of pains me to even write those numbers down. The rent in this city is just too. damn. high! (Of course, I grew up in Philly, so my perspective is a bit skewed…I last paid $450 when I lived there)

  • Anonymous

    We are a family of 4 living in a 3 BR, 2 BA rowhouse with finished basement and a backyard in Hilleast, 2400. Love it.

  • 2006-2007: 4500 Conn Ave NW — 1br (900 sq ft) @ $1450/mo ($1.61/sq ft)
    2008-2010: 5100 Conn Ave NW — 1br (600 sq ft) @ about $1275/mo ($2.13/ sq ft)
    2010-present: SW Waterfront — Jr. 1br (550 sq ft) started at $1100/mo now at $1146/mo. ($2.08/ sq ft)
    Utilities have always been included in rent.

  • Rah Digga

    Apartment Building
    Two-bedroom apartment
    Brightwood Park
    $1100 a month in 2010
    $1105 a month in 2011
    $1150 a month in 2012

    It’s spacious. I like it.

  • Bianca

    Paying $1100 for a basement 1 br. (about 400 ft.) in Glover Park, and I’ve been here for 2 years with my gf. Starting to get very cramped though.

  • Anonymous

    Bleeeeeeh. $1000 for a small, bug-infested studio in NE Capitol Hill. Looking for a new place.

  • $1165 for a 405 sq. ft. studio on the 6th floor of a large building on 16th St. in Mt.P
    Started in 2009 at @1025. When I leave at the end of June they are raising the base rent to $1425. The building is safe, clean, and in a good location, but $1425 is too much. This city is crazy.

  • andielynne73

    Wow, I had no idea how good I had it in my last apt. I lived in Lanier Heights, and I paid $1350 for an 800 sq ft one bedroom apt. I moved in in 2008, and just moved out in Feb.

  • I pay $1500 in Logan Circle/Dupont for a large 1-bedroom. I have been renting since 2007. It is grossly underpriced but I am renting from the owner who I think just prefers to have a good tenant.

  • T

    I feel almost criminal admitting this. My roommates and I pay $2600 (so $650 a piece) for a 4bd/3ba Mt. Pleasant townhouse. There’s one for sale nearby in the style of ours for $899,000. We’ve lived there since 2006 and it’s become a trap. We thought the price was an insane bargain when we signed the lease in 2006, and it’s only gotten crazier since. It’s a huge deterrent from getting on with our lives and getting out of the Group Home lifestyle.

  • yo

    Oops, I responded to the poll in terms of what I pay myself ($800) but I split a place with roommates. In total, we pay $2500 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom newly-renovated apartment in an older condo building near the Columbia Heights metro. It is a phenomenally good deal.

    I used to pay $2100 ($1050 per person) to share a 2-bedroom apartment in Courthouse. It was nice, but unnecessarily big. Not only do I pay less in DC, but my quality of life is SO much better. Definitely worth sacrificing the space.

    I can’t afford to live alone though, as about $1200 is the max I could afford, and that seems pretty hard to do for non-basement. Which sucks. I would love even a tiny studio.

  • aohk

    $1715 a month for a one bedroom in Dupont, including utilities. Been living there for a year and a half now. The apartment is tiny and desperately needs to be updated, but the building (Boston House) is clean, management is friendly enough, and the rooftop deck with grills and lounge chairs is my favorite place in all of DC.

  • Anonymous

    Pay $1575 for large 1BR in Adams Morgan. Moving to a house in Mt. Pleasant with two other people and will be paying $1100

  • Anonymous

    I pay 2400/mo for a beautiful 2br on the 8th floor of the cairo. it’s steep, but worth it.

    I moved out of a 1br in logan circle that I was paying $1100/mo for. It had issues, but had a dw, w/d

  • $1491 for a 1br/1ba, balcony, 24-hr desk attendant, common laundry, electricity included in Dupont. I have been in this apartment since 1992.

    • PS: 7th floor, central heat/air, roof deck with pool. Typical 1970s-size/layout but adequate. Needs a cosmetic refresh (last building-wide replacement of cabinets/appliances was in 1992 though they replace them in individual units as needed). Going rate for other 1brs in the building is about $2450.

  • Anonymous

    I pay $1975 for a 2 bedroom basement in Adams Morgan

  • E in Mt. Pleasant

    I pay $1150/month for large basement 1 bedroom (with windows). Everything is included but internet and electricity.

  • nearnortheast

    We rent out our 1br basement unit for $1450 (all utilities including cable included) and will increase this to $1550 as our tenants SO is moving in end of the month. The increase will cover higher utilities and wear and tear. The location is right in the heart of H st/near northeast.

  • anon

    $1575 total for a medium size one bedroom in an older (but nice) large building off 16th & U St. Been there about a year. From 2010-2011 I was paying $1450 for a smaller one bedroom in a slighly less nice building in the same area. All utilities except internet are included.

  • I live in Logan Circle and rent a small bedroom in a group house for $775 plus utilities. It’s an AWESOME deal!

  • michael

    I live in Woodley Park and think I have one of the better deals in the neighborhood, as far as apartment rent goes. Just signed a lease in february for a pretty large studio for $1295. In comparison, the building right next door was listing a studio at the same time for $1550. I was let in on an annoying secret (i think?) of how rental companies can get out of keeping a rent-controlled apartment rent-controlled when that person moves out. A guy in my building recently died and was living in a studio there for like, 50 yrs so was paying around $600 or something a month. The building manager said the rental company was gonna move one of their people in for a year, at which point they can list it for the going rates.

  • Anonymous

    $2475, 2 bed/1 bath main floor of a townhouse a block and a half from Lincoln Park & 6-minute walk to Eastern Market, on East Capitol St. Shared back patio, street parking, utilities not included. w/d, dw, working fireplace. 1100 sq ft.

  • em

    2 bedroom in SW Waterfront – $2090

  • steve

    I pay $680 for a one bedroom converted in the State House at 22nd and Q NW. Previous tenants built a wall through the living room to make the second bedroom. My roommate and I split the total rent of $1420. Moved in May ’11. My room is about the size of a walk-in closet, but no complaints.

  • JM

    Petworth (across street from Georgia Ave metro), moved in Feb 2012 to a completely renovated 1BR in managed building, $1350/mo including utilities.

    • tinywings

      Is this the Griffin?

      • JM

        No, it’s the Paramount Apts.

  • squid

    We have a group house half a block from the Petworth metro, at $2800 a month for the whole house (4 bedrooms), utils not included. Moved in there in august.

  • 2007-2009
    $600 for a room in 3BR group house in Silver Spring

    $700 for a room in 3BR group house in Mt Pleasant

    $1550 (ouch) for ground-floor 2BR apt in Palisades

  • JTinBrookland

    I share a sweet 1BR with my girlfriend right by the Brookland metro (12th near Otis), for $1250+electric, since this January. Building is dog-friendly (was so effing hard to find that in typical near-NW neighborhoods!) with a fenced woods-surrounded courtyard.

    Before that: in 2011, a huge top-floor 2BR in 20s-era Adams Morgan for $2300 total (all utilties). In 2010, a decent basement 2BR in renovated Adams Morgan end rowhouse for $1800 total.

  • Trinidaddy

    Arlington, 2005 – 625 for a room in a group house
    Arlington, 2007 – 650 for a bigger room in a nicer group house
    Washington, DC, 2010 – 950 for english basement at 11th and Independence SE with a garage spot. Unbelievable deal.

  • Liz

    I pay $400 for a room in a 5 BR/2.5 bath group house in Columbia Heights (total rent is $2150). The rent was half that four years ago.

  • Anonymous

    $1,780 for a large 1 bedroom on 15th Street between Chapin & Euclid (Columbia Heights). Building has a doorman, roof top, gym, laundry, bike room, dog friendly. Going on 5 years in the apartment. Started at $1,600 – annual rent increases.

  • yunkstahn

    $1425 for a small but pleasant one-bedroom basement in SE Capitol Hill, <10 minute walk from either Capitol South or Eastern Market. Central air, washer and dryer, fireplace, lots of counter space in the kitchen. The landlord hasn't raised the rent since I moved there in 2009.

  • sb

    This isn’t the most accurate poll because it doesn’t distinguish between the rent for a unit and what each person in the unit pays. My rent is $2090 + utilities, for a 2br in Southwest, and I split it with one other person.

    In September 2009, I rented a 1br in the same neighborhood for $1200 a month including utilities. 18 months later, I found a person to take over my lease and she paid $1400. Even since then I’ve found rents in SW have gone up; when my sister looked for apartments in the area $1400 was a studio price.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that has gone up! In 2008 I was paying $1600 for an entire house.

  • Krystina

    Couple blocks NW of the NY Ave Metro in a large 1/1 basement for $1350/month +electric/cable. Lots of people say I pay too much, but when I was looking around, it was the best deal. It may be a basement, but all the of eight windows (I’m in the corner house) are full, normal sized windows, it has hardwood floors, washer/dryer, and lots of closet space. I’m happy enough to be in DC and not having to deal with roommates

  • I pay $1250 (my boyfriend and I split it, so $625/each) in Hill East for a tiny basement apartment. we have a new kitchen and washer/dryer, but I really can’t justify $1250 for this place. we moved in last August. before that, we were in college in RI and my two best friends and I paid the same exact amount for a HUGE 3-bdrm apartment in a little harbor town. frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    $1400 for a 1 bedroom basement unit in Bloomingdale, all utilities except electricity included. Washer and dryer, exposed brick walls, nice closet space, decent windows.

  • 7 bedroom group house in Mt. Pleasant, I am in the smallest room in the house (12x8ft) plus smallish closet and I pay $800, but the house is huge with 2 kitchens 2.5 bath and we have a porch and backyard. The prices vary from $800 to prob around $1100 depending on the size of the room. (utilities usually come to about $30-$60 bucks a month per person) so total about $840 per month for me

    • Oh forgot to say the house was established in 2006 or 2007, and I don’t think prices have changed much or at all since then. I moved there in 2011

  • blazing sun

    Bought in Petworth in 2008, but from 2005-2008 was in a large 1 BR in Chinatown. W/D, parking, 1 1/2 bath, rooftop pool, gym, etc. We were the first to move in, we paid $1850 at first, eventually it was raised to $2150. After we moved out it was raised more. Our mortgage is cheaper, but we oftentimes miss the clean (and in no need of renovation) place. Plus, we were so close to everything.

  • I pay 1350+utilities for a one bedroom between logan circle and convention center where I’ve lived since 2011.

  • I pay $3300 a month for my mortgage, a 4 br house in Columbia Heights. Before that, my wife and I lived in Harvard Hall and paid $1650 for a spacious 1 br apartment on the 4th floor.

  • U Street V

    Moved into a 2bd/2ba condo on 12th and U in 2006 and paid less than $1000 per person. Now, the total is $2600 and the owners are selling it this summer and I’m totally depressed. How do you all find your rentals? Do you brave craigslist or do you suggest hiring a rental agent?

  • K Plus

    I’m currently looking for a place and it is brutal – all one bedrooms seem to be priced for two or more people to live in them! I’m not finding anything decent (in areas where I, a single woman, would feel safe living alone) for less than $1300/mo.

  • Anonymous

    $775 for a studio in Capitol Hill, close to H street. I’ve got my eye on an up and coming affordable dwelling unit building built nearby 😉 Should be ready by the time by lease is up in October

  • PetworthRes

    In ’95-97 I lived in a 2BR 2BA apartment at 1717 Q St NW for 840/month that included all utilities!

    We live in a 3BR 1BA house in Petworth, bought in 2001, and our mortgage is $1050/mo, including taxes and insurance. But we spend a LOT on renovations. We are refinancing and were told we could get our entire monthly payment down to $865/mo (!!) but we opted to take some cash out to help bring our house into the modern age…

  • Anonymous

    500 sq ft studio in Silver Spring, 8th floor, brand new building (opened in 09) w/ amazing amenities (3 elevators, mail room, pool etc), in-unit W/D, 2012 – now, $1,320, no utilities included

    From 2010 – 2012 I lived in a crappy, roach infested, mouse haven, 2 bedroom apt in a rent control building, five blocks from the Columbia Heights metro, built in the 30s for $1,100 mo split between myself and a roommate, paid electric & cable

  • Anonymous

    I live in a pretty spacious studio (with a bedroom nook) on 16th and U. I live on the 8th floor, amazing view with a balcony, all utilities included. I pay $1600 a month, and rent will be going up $50 next month. Its pricey, but a fantastic location. Plus, Im close enough to walk to work, which saves on transportation costs.

  • maria

    $1330 for a tiny but very sunny 1 bedroom on a third floor in Adams Morgan. From 2010-2011 – 2 bedroom apt with a roommate around 13th and U st for $2300. No utilities are included in any of those prices.

  • I moved into my studio in Sept 2011, I pay $1275 (all utilities included) at 16th and New Hampshire. Before, I lived in a two bedroom apartment off of 14th and Belmont. My roommate and I paid $750 each and the utilities. Not a great space but for two girls straight out of college, it was great!

  • Joe E.

    I recently moved to Southwest Waterfront, pay $1750/mo (inclusive of water, electric and gas) for an 800sq ft 1 bedroom in a mid-rise building.

    • Joe E.

      Also, prior to this I rented a small basement studio in Columbia Heights for ~$1600/mo

    • Yeah, I just signed a lease for a 1br with appx same sq footage for a similar price. Seems to be going rate!

  • Boricua Princess

    I lived on 15th and Euclid from 2006 to 2010. The rent for my one bedroom apartment with utilities included was $1,100 when I moved in and increased over the years to $1,205 when I moved out. It wasn’t the greatest place in the world, but I enjoyed living there and I really enjoyed having utilities included since I had moved there from an old drafty house in capitol hill with two fighting roommates where a winter gas bill almost gave me a heart attack.

  • Currently paying about 2300 for a large one bedroom in an apartment building in Logan. I’m moving because my rent would have gone up to over 2400 if I stayed. Going to a really big (almost 700 sq ft) studio in a brand new building in Mount Vernon Square and paying about 2100. I’d love to pay less but I have a big dog and that really restricts my options. I’m willing to spend the money to live downtown because I can walk to work and everything else (I don’t own a car–can’t afford it with my insane rent :))

  • 2007-2008
    $775, my share of a 2 bed/1.5 bath house near the Capitol Hill Safeway

    $825, my share of a 4 bed/2.5 bath house near Eastern Market metro

    $1,200, my share of a 2 bed/2 bath apartment near 16th & Euclid

  • Hookdntx

    My roommate and I Split a 2/2 and we pay $2090 (which includes petrent and trash) at Fort Totten.

  • $845/month for the master bedroom (which is huge! I’ve set up a great little sitting area in there) in a 3-bedroom row house in Bloomingdale with alley parking. The whole house is 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths in the main house with a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom basement apartment, and five of us rent it out together for a total of $3600/month. I’ve been here two years, and a couple of the other roommates were here a year before that (thus locking in the rent from 2009). Rent’s about to go up $100 total ($20 each) when we renew the lease at the end of the month. Love the house, landlord’s a good guy, and the location is perfect (a block from Big Bear). If anyone’s interested, three of us (myself included) will be leaving in September and looking to pass on the lease…

  • jch

    Aug 2006 to Aug 2007 – 17/18th and P Nw in Dupont – $3500 for 2 bd/den split between 3 people.
    Aug 2007 – Oct 2009 – 17 and T NW – $2200 – 2 bd/1 bath condo building – only paid cable.

  • Anonymous

    I split a decent-sized one bedroom apartment off M Street in Georgetown college-dorm style with one of my friends when I first moved here. $1,750 a month total ($875 each)

    Now I have my own bedroom in a two bed, one bath apartment in a great location in Adams Morgan (closer to Florida Ave) split between three people and pay $1,100 for my room

    Both buildings were on the smaller side and basically had no amenities and no utilities included

  • Future Resident

    I’m moving to H street with my wife this summer and paying $2400/mo for a 2br/2ba.

  • NHAve

    2007-2009: Half of 2/1 apartment in Cleveland Park for $775-800
    2009-2011: 2/2.5 renovated small (~1000 sq ft) end rowhouse in LeDroit Park for $1825, loved that house and the landlord redid the back patio. But then the landlord wanted to come home, and we realized what an incredible rent deal we had. Would have bought but that neighborhood exploded while we were there and is way too costly now.
    Now we own, mortgage is about $2300 for 3/3 renovated-ish house, 1300 sq ft at the edge of Columbia Heights 2 blocks from Petworth metro.

  • Anonymous

    My rental history:

    2002-2006 Basement apt in South Arlington – $800/mo
    2006-2008 English basement in Mt. Pleasant – $1100-1300/mo
    2008-2010 Basement in Georgetown – $1100
    2010-present non-basement apartment (finally!) in Capitol Hill – $1350

  • BB

    Lived at 12th and V from 2004-09 in a 3 bdr, 3.5 bath with garage parking and started at $1053 each, which went up by about $50 every year. Then moved into The Allegro with the two months free deal in a first floor 1 bdr and paid $1800 until the deal ran out and it jumped up to $2100, promptly moved out and bought a renovated rowhouse in Petworth where the mortgage is just slightly more than rent would have been had we stayed in The Allegro.

  • DC20009

    I pay $1259 for a studio (separate kitchen, walk-in closet/dressing room) in an apartment building on 17th St NW (near the dog park). That includes utilities, which includes AC (which honestly is a big reason I like my apartment – in summer I am devoted to the AC.)

    I moved into my apt in 2003, at which time the rent was $850. A new tenant moving into a unit like mine today I believe woud pay almost $1500.

  • Currently paying $825 for the “master” bedroom in a group house just blocks from Bethesda Row. Big backyard, close to everything but crappy house and crappy landlord.

  • On the Hill

    Moved to DC in 2002 and paid $1195 for a one-bedroom basement apartment on 5th between Seward and D, SE. Perfect for just me! I know water and cable were included — I think I had to pay electric and gas? Loved my landlords who lived in the house upstairs.

  • Anonymous

    I pay $1430 (all utilities included) for my large, 4th floor studio in Lanier Heights, off Harvard Street. I moved here in November 2011.

  • Anonymous

    $975 (no utilities) for a 1 bedroom basement apartment in a NE Capitol Hill row house. About 800 sq. ft. I’ve lived there since 2003 w/o a rent increase. My landlord is a wonderful guy!!

  • We own now, but the last lease we signed was in 2004 for a huge (almost 1000 sq ft) 1 bd 1.5 bath in West End for $1795 a month, no parking. We thought it was high then, especially for boring (at that time) West End. Before that (lease signed in 2002), tiny 1 bd 1 bath in south Dupont for $1500 a month including utilities. Going way back, the cheapest rent I’ve paid in DC was in 1998 for a bedroom in a group house in Southwest Waterfront for $425 a month.

  • Alex

    $1975 for 2 BR 1.5 bath row house in Hill East…split with a housemate, and each of us has a dog. Neither of us would be able to afford the house on our own.

  • TC

    $1400 for a 1br in a four-unit building in Glover Park that I moved into just last summer. Utilities not included.

    Prior to that, I lived in a basement apartment in Cathedral Heights (?) near the Giant on Wisconsin. That was 1.5br for $1300/mo, including all utilities, cable, and internet from the summer of 2009 to the summer of 2011.

  • My girlfriend and I pay a total of $1880/month for a large, newly renovated studio (separate kitchen, walk-in closet, balcony) and a garage parking spot in Logan Circle. While it’s definitely more than we’d like to pay, we can both walk to work and we enjoy the neighborhood. We started renting there last fall.

  • Anonymous

    I live in a rather large 2 bedroom basement apartment in Cleveland Park and pay $2350, which I split with my boyfriend. We live on Klingle Ridge, so my windows overlook the park and Porter street and I rarely feel like I’m living in a basement. We moved here in April 2010.

    Before that I lived in a group house in north Van Ness from 2007-2010 with 4 people who split a $3,000 rent.

  • This is a fun thread. I had no idea so many people were getting such deals on rent!

    2002-2005: $999-$1,100 for a studio in Pentagon City
    2007-2009: $1,725-$1,775 (all util incl) for a one-bedroom in Woodley Park
    2010-2011: $2,250 for a large one-bedroom in Adams Morgan
    2012: $1,895 (+ elec) for a very similar one-bed in the same building in Woodley Park as 2007-2009

  • anonymous

    One room uts included in a spacious (2000 sq ft?)2 bedroom in Glover Park from 2008-2009: $850

    2009-now 2 bedroom/1 bath condo uts included in Dupont on 18th st(750 sq ft) $1900

  • I pay $1,100 for a large 1 bedroom basement apartment in Mt. Pleasant. (all utilities, including internet, included and it has a W/D in the unit).

  • Anonymous

    2006 – 2008: I paid $800 for a studio apt at 18th and S NW. I ended up paying $1000.00 when I left

    2008 – 2009: Paid $2200.00 for a 2 br/ba (1000ft) apt at 17th and T NW

  • Anonymous

    2006 studio in Crestwood $950 (or maybe 900? Can’t remember.)
    2007-2010 1 br/1 ba in Crestwood $1275 (started at 1150, went up every year.)
    2010-present 1 br/1ba w/ W/D (1st time ever as a renter!) in Mt. Pleasant $1650. Reading these comments makes me think I’m overpaying.

    • If you’re in a building, would you mind sharing? I’m hunting for a 1-br in MtP.

  • TEM

    I pay just over $850 (+electric) for a massive one bedroom in a small apartment building in North Petworth. I just moved in last month. It’s a good deal, but the building has definitely seen better days (though it just got a new owner, so maybe things will improve *fingers crossed, but not holding my breath*).

    Before that, I had a one bedroom in a converted rowhouse in Mount Pleasant (2nd floor) that was $1200/month. The building had a ton of character, but was in really bad shape, and I moved out because even though it was an amazing deal, it wasn’t worth things breaking constantly and being half-assedly fixed (and my hours got cut back at my second job, so less income = needing to find a cheaper place to live).

  • Spencer Heckwolf

    2,000 a month for a 3 BR Rowhouse on south capitol and M(W/D in unit, back patio, 2 min walk to the metro,$580 for the smallest room in the house) Does not include utilities. After all utilities including Cable, internet and a cleaning service, I pay around 700 a month.

  • DC 2004 to mid-2007
    $900 1BR
    Cute little subterranean basement one bedroom in Bloomingdale at 1st and R NW for $900. Rent went up a little over the years, wound up paying about $1000. No parking included but there was plenty on the street w/permit. Also had stacked W/D, which was awesome. Moved because oh hell no on the centipedes.

    DC mid-2007 to Dec 2010
    $1200 1BR
    Remodeled 1br on 12 St NE in Brookland, about 12 minute walk to Rhode Island Ave Metro, for $1200. Stacked W/D and again, no parking needed ’cause there was plenty on the street. I Cute but sweet christ did the builders ever cut corners. Landlords were also realtors which was good (office hours, easy to contact) and bad (see cut corners, above).

    Takoma Park Jan 11 to present
    $1705 2BR (about $850/ea)
    I love this place! My partner and I rent an adorable condo about 15 minutes walk from Takoma Park metro. It’s very cheap since we split the rent, the building is completely rehabbed and cute, and we also have two parking spots. The only downsides are a) registering a car in MD was NOT CHEAP and b) the W/D is card operated for $$ on the first floor. And oh yeah, if we’re ever out without the car very late in DC, we have to bully cabbies to take us home. Otherwise we love the ‘hood, the trees, our sunny remodeled apartment and the library is right down the street.

    • And utilities were ridiculous in Brookland, no damned insulation so it was like $300+/month in the winter.

      In Takoma Park we only pay electricity, at most $60/month in winter (radiant heat ftw!).

  • Anonymous

    2005-2006 – $950 to share a tiny 2-bedroom in Old Town with a horrible roommate
    2006-2007 – $1050 for a studio in Courthouse with utilities included
    2007-2008 – $800 to share a rowhouse in SW with my ex
    2008-2011 – $600 to share a rowhouse near Landmark Mall with my girlfriend
    2011-present – $1750 for my half of the mortgage on a rowhouse in Capitol Hill (with my girlfriend)

  • Anon

    $1000 (included utilities & parking space) for a top floor studio in Glover Park (2008-2010); $780 (split utilities) for a very large second floor bedroom (was actually two rooms & a balcony) in a Mt. Pleasant group house (2010-2011); $1100 (+gas/electricity) for the first floor one bedroom apt in a rowhouse near H Street – has a backyard and garage too (2011-2012). All of my places have been great and affordable – feel very lucky.

    • snob

      Our English basement apartment in the middle of the 1300 block of T Street NW already had great tenants when we bought the place, and they’ve stayed there for the 18 months since. The 1 BR/1 BA apartment is over 900 square feet, has high ceilings, hardwood floors, crown moldings, and three egresses (doors in the front, kitchen, and bedroom). The rent on the original lease was $2100 a month, including all utilities (cable/internet included), and we never raised it. The tenants are moving out of the area next month, however, and we are bummed.

  • Sully

    $1650 for a one bedroom rowhome with yard. I have been renting this place since 2007. Neighborhood – Shaw off of New Jersey Ave.

  • Barry Gibb

    I am hearing this question to the tune of the BG’s “How Deep is Your Love.” Anybody else having this problem?

    “How much is your rent? How … much … is … your … rent. How … much … is … your … rent. Cause I really need to know.”

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t have that problem, until now. Thanks.

      • Barry Gibb

        No problem. Think of it as a guerilla marketing campaign.

  • petworthnewbie

    In 2000 I paid $900 for an awesome 1 BR/1Bath on 17th & P.
    In 2004 we moved to a 2BR/2Bath in Park Triangle + 2 parking spaces and no utilities, we paid $3,200.
    We now own in Petworth. For just about the same we have a two story rowhouse, 4 BR and 3 1/2 Bathroom, a huge deck and backyard. I can’t afford to live in Dupont 🙁

  • Haile Unlikely

    My 2 roommates and I pay $1650 per month (total, not each) for a three-bedroom rowhouse in Brightwood, just south of Walter Reed Hospital. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and about 1600 square feet of livable space, plus a large unfinished basement. We have been renting it since 2002. It was built in the 1920’s, and is in halfway decent shape but has not been renovated or spruced up since long before the real-estate run-up. Houses of similar size in the neighborhood, with recent renovations and finished basements, are renting for about $3,000.

  • MtP

    I moved to MtP in 2009 and paid $850 for a bedroom in a 3BR/2BA with a back deck but no yard. Electricity & cable added $50-75 a month.

    I moved to a studio in a funky old building closer to Mt P street and pay $1050 for everything but electricity, which is only $12/mo.

    • Mind sharing the building info?

      • MtP

        It’s the Park Regent at 17th & Park. I think a 1 Bdrm is available now.

  • 16th St.

    $1260 for a studio in at 16th and Euclid, utilities included. Started out at $1050 in 2009, with a free month factored in. Would love to move elsewhere and get some better amenities/get out of a studio, but I feel like most 1 brs are still out of my price range. Anyone else in the same “living in my post-grad apt but ready for an adult apt they can’t afford” boat?! It’s frustrating.

  • LMcJordan

    Alexandria VA -S. Washington St Old Garden Style Building with all utilities included 1245. + they allow dogs. We had a really hard time finding places that allow dog over 20lbs in the district.

  • concerned

    I pay $1190 a month, utilities included, in multifamily building across the street from Georgia Ave/Petworth metro station. Original hardwood floors are great

  • Michelle

    2006-2009 1br/1ba basement in Mt. Pleasant 1,600.
    2009-present 1br/1ba loft 14th and V 2,000.

  • I currently rent a studio basement apartment in Petworth at $1300/month with garage but no utilities included.

    This weekend I will move to a brand new 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in Eckington/Brookland and the total rent is $2144/month.

  • That Guy in DC

    Mt Vernon Triangle–two floor, 2 bed with den, 2 and 1/2 baths–$4580–Ugh.

  • 2010-present: $1400 for a top floor 1 BR ~700 sq feet apt. in the Palisades (by the reservoir) – rent includes utilities, parking, and there’s no pet fee for my 2 cats. I’ve seen other units in my building (condos) on Craigslist renting for $1600-1650.
    2008-2010: I was in Mt P on Kilbourne sharing a top-floor 2BR/1BA for $2100+utilities (split 990/1110).
    2007-2008 paid $1150+electric for a 1BR+den in an older building with thin walls and floors, and a not-so-great landlord.
    2006-2007: Shared large 2BR/1.5BA in Silver Spring by the train tracks for $1550 (split 750/800) all utils included.
    2001-2003: $350+utils for a “room-bed” in a 3BR townhouse off of Foxhall Rd
    2000-2001: $375+utils for a room in a group house in College Park my senior year of college!

  • Anonymous

    $1339 for a 1 bedroom 1st floor (would say basement, but its only 2 steps below ground and has a half window in the living area) southern part of Adams Morgan.

  • LP

    2007 – 2009 – $2000 + utilities for a 1250 sq ft 2 br/2 ba apartment (shared with roommate) at Connecticut Heights (Van Ness Metro).

    2009 – 2010 – $1300 + utilities for a 400 sq ft studio at Connecticut Heights (Van Ness Metro)

    2010 – 2011 – $1225 (utilities included) for a 600 sq ft 1 br/1ba English Basement with a crazy landlady and bed bugs near the Tenleytown Metro.

    August 2011 – present – $1500 (utilities included) for a 850 sq ft 1 br/1 ba (cat friendly – as in no kitty deposit or kitty rent building) near the Van Ness Metro. I’m not planning on moving any time soon. 😀

  • Gertie

    2009-2010: $825/month for a small bedroom in a three bedroom townhouse near Stanton Park–The whole house was in the $2500/month range.
    2010-2011: $950 for a decent-sized bedroom in a 2 bed/1 bath English basement in NoMa (total rent for the place was $1900).
    2011-2012: $1330–just went up to $1400–for a HUGE one bedroom, first floor apartment a few blocks from Union Station.

    For comparison, before I moved here, my rent in my college town was $500/month.

  • JLM

    $2050 for a 2 bdrm/1 bath rowhouse on the Hill. I feel like we pay way undermarket.

  • g

    2008-2009: rented 900 sqft english basement off 10th and T NW, utilities and cable included $1350
    2009-2012: owned 700 sqft condo in Parkview, mortgage plus condo fees $1600
    2012: bought 2100 sqft rowhouse in Shaw with fiance, mortgage (incl. taxes and insurance) $2700

  • Singlikesassy

    I last rented in 2002 but was in Gaithersburg. I had a two-bedroom condo for 800/mth. That covered utilities and included parking.

  • Nate

    $1275 for a studio at 13th and Clifton. Utilities included, pretty happy with it overall.

  • Anonymous

    $895 for 650 sq ft in w/ utilities

  • Anonymous

    $895 for 650 sq ft in w/ utilities in hillcrest

  • Anonymous

    $2550 for a 4-bed, 2-bath, two-story rowhouse + full basement in Columbia Heights. I pay $689 + utilities, and we moved in in 2010. Soooo lucky.

  • mq

    We are a couple with cats renting a 1BR/1BA on the 3rd floor in a small renovated condo in a 100-year-old building. It’s 2 blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro stop. We pay $1700/month, and have lived here since April 2011. Granite, DW, stainless steel, W/D, good light, thick walls, hardwood floors, but small and no outdoor space. We like it because it’s updated, not in a basement, in a great location, and allows cats without an extra fee. Don’t know what we’ll do when we have to move to a bigger place to have kids!

  • Mimi

    I knew I had a good deal and this thread just confirms it…starting paying $850 for a studio in Kalorama, rent has increased slowly to $940. Still a good deal though small. Roofdeck and location + price makes up for what is lost in the size

    • WOW. Is that through a management company or a private owner? And how long have you been renting for?

  • My husband and I pay 1800 (not including utilities) for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath basement apartment in columbia heights. comes with off street parking, washer and dryer and is 3 blocks from the metro. we think it’s a decent deal!

  • StanislausBabalistic

    Right now, for one bedroom in a 3-bedroom rowhouse a couple blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro stop (on 13th), I pay $1100. 7 people in the building in all (a 3BR, 2BR, and 2BR basement), and every one pays $1100. It’s probably overpriced for the quality of the house but the location is pretty unbeatable.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 2 bedroom english basment in Petworth (off Grant’s Circle). It was remodeled right before I moved in, so it looks pretty nice inside. There’s a washer & dryer in the back, a nice big fridge, ample street parking and a fenced in back yard. It was a great spot for my roommate, dog and I, who just moved to DC last year. We’ll be moving in June though, so let me know if you’re interested! $1600 total for 2 rooms,

  • Anonymous

    I started out at $1175 for a 1-bed plus den in a four unit building on 13th St SE in Capitol Hill in 2005 plus utilities (about equal distance between Eastern Market and Potomac metros). Landlord installed a w/d in 2007 and upped the rent to $1225 but it’s been steady ever since (and the w/d was totally worth it). It’s on the second floor, hardwood floors, gally kitchen.


    I live in a group rowhouse 2 blocks from Petworth metro. The rent for my room is $390, and probably $1500 a month for the house.

  • $800/month–utilities included, but surcharge may be applied if electric bill exceeds a certain amount–for a small/medium basement studio in Petworth. No washer/dryer and it’s a kitchenette instead of a full kitchen, but it fits my budget and is really close to work so I can walk when I feel like it.

  • Anonymous

    I pay $440 plus utilities for a rowhome in Columbia Heights, three blocks from the metro. I have five roommates. The house is a bit run down, but we have a W/D, dishwasher, three bathrooms (mine is in my bedroom.)

  • jam

    I pay 1400 a month inc all utilities for a 1-bedroom with eat-in kitchen in Glover Park right on the bus. I used to split a 3 bedroom around the corner that rented for 2200 total and before that was in Columbia Heights on 14th & Newton for 1500 total for me and my roommate.

  • 2009 – 2010 $2000 ($667 each) for a 3 bedroom in Tenleytown 12 minutes from the Metro

    2010 $710 for a bedroom in an old group house (5 bdr total) on Columbia btwn 11 adn 13

    2012 $850 for a bedroom in a group house (7 bdr total) on Lamont btwn 11th and Sherman

    Moving next month to a 2 bedroom basement on Columbia and 11th for $890 (my share).

    Utilities weren’t included in any of the rents.

  • 4 bedroom group house for $400/room in Brentwood, MD. 2008-present.

  • Megan

    I pay $1250 for master bedroom in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath row house… with garden backyard and washer/dryer, but older kitchen. Love the place!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry- meant to include it’s in Mt Pleasant, close to Columbia Hights


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