Washington, DC

When we discuss rentals of the day folks are often astonished about how much it costs to rent in DC. I think for a little perspective we should share how much we are currently paying for rent. Of course there are many caveats – If you started renting your current digs in 1999 please say so. Actually, that’ll be interesting too – what year did you start renting your current room/apartment/house? Please say what neighborhood you are renting in. Do you live in an apartment building or row house? If you live in a basement unit please specify. If you have roommates or live in a group house please say so.

If you now own a home how much was your rent when you last rented? When I first moved to DC in 1997 I was paying $970 for a 2 bedroom basement rental in Woodley Park near the metro. I last rented in 2002 and was paying $1220 for a 1 bedroom in Woodley Park near the zoo.

So for the FQotD – how much is your rent?


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