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“This past week has been crazy booting and towing by the city.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

This past week has been crazy booting and towing by the city. Yesterday there were 6 on our street booted in the AM and towed by the afternoon. We saw a ton of tow trucks today as well. We live in Bloomingdale. Is this happening in every neighborhood? Just seems bizarre all at once after months/years of really nothing.”

Another reader asks:

“Was shocked today when I found my car was booted for $100 in past due parking tickets. Apparently I under paid one ticket by $10, and had an outstanding street cleaning ticket of $45 from July that had doubled.

Is this new? Should this be allowed? A $75 ticket and inconvenience of getting your car booted for $100 in outstanding tickets seems outrageous to me. And yes, I understand this is DC… yada yada. Looked it up. Rule is now two or more tickets past 61 days due = boot and subsequent $75 fee.”

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