Washington, DC

Norms messaged us around 11:50pm: “15-20 gunshots in Park View, Warder and Otis. Tons of police on scene immediately.”

From MPD:

“Shooting in the 600 block of Otis Pl., NW. Lookout is for a white sedan white sedan with unknown tags.”

Ajh reported:

“Nothing like 8 gunshots outside your window to blow your Nats buzz. This whole grab my dogs and roll toward my bedroom wall routine is getting old. (Cc: @PoPville; shooting on O between 7th and 8th NW during top of the 9th)”

Kelly reported at 11:39pm: “I think I heard gunfire on 9th and N Nw. Just saw police rushing that way.”

turbo replied: “pretty sure it was two different caliber guns. one shot three times and the other 5. i think i heard shouting as well but was busy running in the other direction”


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