Washington, DC

Thanks to Kevin for sending:

“At last week’s MAG (McMillan Advisory Group) meeting, there was a little tidbit that was new; there is a plan to add the McMillan Fountain in its entirety above the NE corner of 1st and Channing Streets NW, as part of the new park.”

“McMillan Fountain was completed in 1912 and stood near the corner of 1st and Bryant ST NW, on the opposite side of 1st ST NW from the Filtration Complex; where the proposed development is. The top portion of the fountain is currently located west of 1st ST NW between Channing ST and Michigan Avenue. The base parts of the fountain had been scattered at sites throughout the city. According to representatives from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, all parts of the original McMillan Fountain, which was similar in size to the Dupont Circle Fountain, have been collected. If any of the parts are damaged, they will be restored with rock from the same quarry in New York where the original stones were retrieved.”


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