Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user justinbc

From a press release:

“For nearly thirteen years, the blue light shining outside Todd Thrasher’s PX in historic Alexandria, Virginia has silently notified savvy patrons when the contemporary speakeasy was open for service. Now fully occupied across the river with his wildly popular Tiki TNT and Potomac Distilling Company, Thrasher announces that PX will not be renewing its lease, turning out the fabled light for good on July 27, 2019.

In the elegant, dimly lit environment of PX, the local artisanal craft cocktail movement rose to its current prominence, enlightening countless followers along the way. Today, Thrasher is busy concentrating on his newest concepts, a three-story tiki-bar and rum distillery anchoring the spectacular Wharf development along the Potomac River in Southwest DC. Here, Thrasher maintains his craft approach on a significantly scaled-up level, with an authentic tiki-theme that cannot, by definition, take itself too seriously. From classic Singapore Slings to the not-so-classic TNT Problem Forgetter, the cocktail master is having heaps o’ fun in the fantasy bar and artisanal rum factory he’s built from the ground up.

While PX was a sophisticated enclave, seating 25 at a time by reservation only [jackets required for gentlemen,] Tiki TNT accommodates imbibers in flip-flops and sundresses on various decks, bars, and a rooftop with unbeatable views. Thrasher is ready to trade in the dark, seductive rooms of his speakeasy for the open-air, sunshine-drenched rum haven that is Tiki TNT.”


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