Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday while driving to work on the BW Parkway, I had the absolute scariest experience of my life. Without reliving it, I will just say that this fellow driver should not be allowed to drive– this was not your standard speeding, or tailgating, or merging when you shouldn’t, or just being a “Maryland driver” that we all love to hate. This was intentional insanity with no regards to my safety, any other driver’s safety, or quite frankly, his own. I was very lucky that I emerged unscathed from his two attempts to cause an accident with my car, but I am incredibly concerned that he is still on the road.

My question is this: is there a way to report drivers like this?

It would not have been safe to call the police while this was unfolding, but this driver very honestly is a danger, and clearly does not care at all about intentionally causing an accident. Maryland (where this happened) and DC used to participate in a program called “smooth operators” but the link seems to not be active any more. (The Smooth Operator link is at the bottom of that page).

I know nothing will happen retroactively, but I feel like I should report this maniac to someone— what if the next person isn’t as lucky as me? I would like to have something documented that this man is a lunatic on the road and establish some sort of pattern of behavior if possible, in case its ever needed in the future by anyone else (yes, I know that is a very “he said she said” type of situation, but still).”


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