Washington, DC

From DDOT:

“Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced that Bolt Mobility was awarded a mid-year permit to operate electric scooters in the District through December 31.

“The dockless vehicle program is moving the District closer to Mayor Bowser’s goal to provide accessible transportation options across all eight wards,” said DDOT Director Jeff Marootian.

“Reopening the permit application allows us to expand the field of operators and reward the most innovative, safe and efficient providers of dockless bikes and scooters.”

DDOT has issued a total of eight permits in 2019, allowing a total of 4,815 dockless vehicles to operate in the District. Three additional operators Bolt (electric bicycles), Hopr (electric bicycles and scooters), and Razor (electric scooters) were granted conditional approval, pending receipt of permit fees.

DDOT expects to open the applications for the 2020 dockless vehicle program in Fall 2019.”


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