Washington, DC

Rough night for some rideshare riders last night. David first reported around 9:45pm:

“@Free2MoveUSA im stuck on the side of the road trying to get into a car I was holding and can’t get in. Been on hold with you 20 minutes!! My stuff is in the car. Please help!!”

“An update; @Free2MoveUSA has a global service outage, for anyone else who is on hold with them. Took a half hour just to hear that from them. They said try in 15 mins… I guess?”

“@Free2Move is leaving people stranding by the side of the road, hanging up on us at customer service, and not sending any public notifications. This is an absolute outrage. It’s been an hour.”

Marcy sought a silver lining:

“Hey @dominos – longshot, but want to help me out while I’m stranded on the side of the road with some sweet, sweet cheese pizza?”

Anyone else get stuck?


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