Washington, DC

Photo by DC Fire & EMS

As of Sunday morning I’m told they’ll be closed for “a few weeks” but I’ll be updating as the situation becomes more clear. Official word from MGM Roast Beef:

“MGM Roast Beef experienced a fire last evening. Because of the quick response and efforts of the brave men and women of the dc fire department the fire was well maintained. We hope to re-open in a few short weeks.

Thank you, DC’s bravest.

Thank you for all the calls and support from our NortheastDC community.

We are beyond grateful.”

On Saturday night at 10:14pm DCFD reported:

“Working Fire 1900 block Brentwood Rd NE. Fire in a commercial building.”

Then at 10:41pm they reported:

“Update Working Fire 1905 Brentwood Rd NE. Fire 2 story restaurant MGM Roast Beef. #DCsBravest have fire under control with no injuries. Investigators on scene to determine cause.”

Stay tuned.

Ed. Note: MGM Roast Beef just celebrated turning 10 years old.


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