Washington, DC

A reader reports around 1:45pm: “Shooting between 8 and 7nw on t street

Update: “They also tapped off the entrance to the Shaw metro all the way down to T street blocking off the 7th flats entrance”

From WMATA: “UPDATED: Yellow/Green Line Alert: Shaw-Howard’s 7th St entrance is closed due to a police investigation. The 8th St entrance remains open.”

Update from Metro Transit Police:

“Shaw-Howard (1/3): Approx 1:08 p.m., MTPD & MPD responded for report of gunshots at the station. Confirmed shooting occurred on platform following argument btwn individuals believed to be known to each other. One victim transported w/ non-life-threatening injury.

Shaw-Howard (2/3): [continued] Two suspects exited station at 8/R sts NW heading southbound. Lookout: (1) B/M, late teens/early 20s, black shirt w/vertical stripe down left front, jeans, white sneakers… (2) B/M, white t-shirt, blue jeans, gray shoes. CALL 911 if seen.

Shaw-Howard (3/3): [continued] The station remains open and trains are running normally; however, the 7th & S Street entrance is closed due to police investigation. Use 8/R entrance instead, or U Street Station at 10/U.”


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