Washington, DC

1728 Wisconsin Ave, NW via Loopnet

From a press release:

“Following the successful opening of Southeast Asian salad shop Bandoola Bowl this spring, owner Aung Myint will expand his presence in the Georgetown neighborhood with Sticx, coming to 1728 Wisconsin Avenue NW this fall. Occupying a 2200-square foot, 20-seat space, the new fast-casual concept will explore the rich tradition of Asian street food, focusing on styles of barbecue from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Burma, as well as sushi, all served on sticks. Myint also owns Burmese dining staple Mandalay in Silver Spring, Md. alongside three generations of family, and has a decades-long history owning, operating, and consulting restaurants in the DMV. He’ll work with longtime friend and business partner Kunakorn Sangkhankaw on developing the menu at Sticx as well.

“Diners from Georgetown and beyond have embraced our translation of Burmese cuisine into salads at Bandoola Bowl, and we’re excited to share another way to experience Asian food through the portability of skewered street fare,” said Myint. “There’s a long history of serving meats and vegetables on sticks throughout Japan, Malaysia, Burma, and beyond, and our menu will capture a small part of how these foods are prepared and presented in various cultures.”

Sticx will serve a selection of street food rooted in countries across Asia, particularly highlighting meats, seafood, vegetables, and sushi served on its eponymous vessel, sticks. Dishes will dive into Asian barbecue traditions like Japanese yakitori, Malaysian and Thai satay, and street snacks from Myint’s native Burma, featuring grilled and skewered proteins like chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp, as well as okra, zucchini, and other vegetarian options. Hot dishes range from Thai-style mu ping pork and Isaan sausage, chicken meatballs, and beef kabob to shrimp teriyaki, tofu and asparagus yakitori, and hoi jor – fried bean curd leaves stuffed with crab and shrimp.

Taking inspiration from stalls brimming with skewered sashini at Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, Myint designed a menu of sushi served on sticks for easy on-the-go eating. Categorized by hosomaki (thin maki), chumaki (medium maki), and futomaki (thick maki), the rolls feature fillings like tuna, salmon, hamachi, shiitake mushroom, kampyo (Japanese pickle), and oshinko (yellow radish), as well as various combinations of raw fish with avocado, cucumber, scallions, and other ingredients. Fresh wasabi accompanies each roll.

All menu items will be available for takeout or to enjoy at a central 20-seat communal table. For those dining in, Sticx will offer a curated selection of beer, wine, and sake.”


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