Washington, DC

Ed. Note: Back in 2010 we posted “Anti-teen Noise-weapon Hits DC at Chinatown Metro”, which were then promptly removed. Then in 2016 we posted Anti Pigeon Devices Removed!! “Both make intermittent, high-pitched squeals that are piercingly loud, at least to my 30-year-old ears”.

Annette writes that it’s from:

“The Farragut West Metro 18th & I St exit. The noise is so piercing I can barely tweet straight. Is it one of those anti-loitering noise things that’s only supposed to be audible by teens?

7:30-8:30am-ish, haven’t noticed it in the pm. I hear it as soon as I come up the escalator, by the Pret and Starbucks. I can hear it for about 1/2 block as I walk toward 19th. It cuts through whatever’s playing in my headphones. Maybe it’s an anti-pigeon sonic device?”

Steph confirms:

“I just heard it in the AM on the way to work (around 8:15am) and in the afternoon on the way home around 5. I have tried figuring out where it is coming from and I assume it is coming from this box (see photo above) but not sure”

Anyone else hear this?


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