Washington, DC

Tammar reported yesterday to DPW:

“this guy just got towed off of North Capitol & deposited right away on to the street cleaning side of Adams St.. which means he’ll be towed again today.”

There were many, many takes on whether this was cool or not. Many takes. Tammar later responded to one:

“The city had, in this scenario, the option (on the same street) to put the car where it would 100% NOT get a ticket today OR where it would likely get one (and prob towed again).”

And DPW retweeted that response:

And while retweets do now always equal endorsements, I’m taking this as an endorsement since it’s from a government agency.

Having said all that, if possible, please do be aware of where you are parking and don’t park in a tow zone. But if you do, tow truck operators, don’t drop them in another tow zone. There, now we can all be friends again.


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