Washington, DC

from H Street, NE

Following is a letter sent to multiple government agencies:

“I am a DC Ward 4 Resident who is alarmed at the onslaught of Free2Move cars parked on Petworth’s streets. At Gallatin and 9th Sts. NW last night, there were Free2Move cars parked on every single corner of this intersection!

On my block, a Free2Move car (plate R-38355) has been parked for FIVE DAYS. Then another Free2Move car showed up last night on my block (plate R-38432).

Every. Single. Household. On. My. Block. Owns. At. Least. One. Car.
You know what that means?

1) We don’t need Free2Move cars littering the 600 block of Farragut St., NW.
2) Each household needs street parking to park our cars when we come home from work or errands.

And, as an aside, my block is one block from a 62/63 bus stop, 1.14 miles to GA Ave. Petworth Station, and 4 blocks from a 70 bus stop. We do not reside in a galaxy far, far away, even if we don’t make it into the typical DC tourist city map.

Several Free2Move cars are often abandoned for days at metered parking on Taylor Street, NW outside the YES Market, between Georgia & Kansas Avenues. (This can be verified by tracing the parking tickets DC finally starting issuing Free2Move last month.)

It defies logic, how the DC Mayor’s office is fixated on getting cars off our clogged streets by making public transportation and bike lanes its primary focus — but then recklessly permits FLEETS of Free2Move Chevy sedans and huge SUVs to take over limited residential parking spots.

I literally see a Free2Move car parked on every other block in my hood. I seriously doubt so many of my neighbors are using Free2Move. I suspect Petworth is simply the company’s dumping ground. This car share company is Petworth’s new rats: an unwelcomed infestation.

Free2Move is Free2Go. Go somewhere else. Just go away.”


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