Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I have the flip side to the recent story of an abandoned vehicle with thousands of dollars in tickets not being booted/towed for months. My car has been impounded for a week for 2 tickets. I contested one a year ago, but never received a ruling. The other I never received. Neither are legitimate:

1) Residential parking violation for parking on a street I have lived on for 10 years, with the wrong make/model of my car on the ticket.
2) Parking within 25 feet of a stop sign at a location with no stop sign.

It started out with my car being booted, at which point I got in contact with DPW (the guys that boot), who told me that I needed to talk to the DMV (the guys that adjudicate tickets) who have no control over the people who actually ticket (MPD). Finally, with the help of my Councilman’s office, I got in touch with someone at the DMV who indicated they were going to find a remedy. They had me contest the second ticket, which stopped enforcement action on the violation, and technically made my care ineligible for a boot at all. Four days later, while I was still in regular contact with the DMV, my car was towed to the impound and I’m receiving a $20/day fine for storage fees.

On Saturday, I received someone else’s ticket in the mail, because the DMV printer didn’t clearly print the address. That poor guy is probably going to end up walking out to a boot on his car too (Sorry Robert, I flagged it for the DMV. Probably see you at the impound).

Today I’m taking a whole day off of work to go to a walk-in hearing at the DMV to prove where I live, that my car isn’t actually a Volkswagen, and a stop sign doesn’t exist.

When abandoned cars with thousands in tickets are not towed for months, but a car with just two illegitimate tickets could be auctioned off before they get around to reviewing a ticket appeal, it’s pretty clear that this system is not intended to serve the public good. If the Mayor won’t take action to crack down on the departments’ malfeasance, the Council needs to provide strong oversight.”


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