Washington, DC

via google street view

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been living in the Mount Vernon Triangle area for many years now and as all these new buildings have popped up seemingly overnight, I’m left wondering what is going on with the corner of 6th and K NW? There’s this bizarre looking building that’s sort of dilapidated and on wooden stilt-like structures.

Although I’m just speculating, I presume it’s some remains of the old 6th and K Auto Market that the parking lot never removed. Back in the fall of 2018, it started to look like construction was moving but that seems to have halted. It’s odd that they still have this old structure in the middle of the lot if they’re doing construction (almost as if they’re trying to preserve it).

I found this article from a year and a half ago, but nothing seems to have progressed if this is still the case.

Curious if anyone else has found out about the current plans?”


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