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“concerns that the proposed Dupont bike lane might possibly impact the very popular FreshFarm Dupont Market”

20th and Massachusetts Ave, NW

Thanks to John for passing on from FRESHFARM:

“FRESHFARM needs your help! We have an important update to share about the FRESHFARM Dupont Circle Farmers Market. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is exploring the creation of a north-south protected bike lane to connect the Dupont Circle neighborhood with Foggy Bottom and the National Mall. This week, the Dupont Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2B) made a motion to recommend that the protected bike lane be constructed along 20th Street NW, which would travel directly through the market. While FRESHFARM strongly supports more protected bike lanes throughout the city, we are very concerned about the impacts the proposed bike lane will have on market operations. A protected bike lane along 20th Street could reduce the footprint of the Dupont Circle Farmers Market by as much as 60% and create serious safety hazards for shoppers, farmers and producers, as well as cyclists.

FRESHFARM is actively working with DDOT to ensure the market impact is as minimal as possible, but we need you to take action to help amplify our message! DDOT is holding an open comment period through Wednesday, February 13. We encourage you to submit a comment expressing your support for the Dupont Circle Farmers Market and a bike lane that that makes the neighborhood safe and accessible for all. We suggest the following message to share with DDOT:

When considering the 20th Street Bike Lane project, I encourage DDOT to strongly consider uninterrupted operation of the FRESHFARM Dupont Circle Farmers Market in the design of a safe and connected bike lane for our community.

Comments can be submitted to [email protected] or through this website. The comment period closes on Wednesday, February 13.

If you live in ANC 2B, we encourage you to also reach out to your ANC commissioner, and if you live in Ward 2, we encourage you to contact Councilmember Jack Evans to express your support for the farmers market. The DDOT proposal is currently at the 10% design phase; we will keep our community informed of future opportunities to get engaged as the the proposal moves toward the 30% design phase.

We urge you to take quick action. Together, we can make sure DDOT knows that the Dupont Circle Farmers Market is an essential service to the neighborhood and to the entire city. FRESHFARM is committed to being a partner in establishing solutions that support a walkable, bikeable, accessible future for the Dupont Circle neighborhood while minimizing potential disruption to the market. We know that bike lanes make our communities safer and more sustainable, and we are eager to work with DDOT and the Dupont Circle community to find a solution that works for everyone.”

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