Second Set of Snurlough Photos Featuring Neighborhoods, Kids and So Many Snow Dogs + a Snow Cat Too!!

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2019 at 12:00 pm 0

“Bo, experiencing his first snow, in Grant Circle. Bo is a recent transplant to DC from South Carolina (thanks, Boykin Spaniel Rescue!) and this is the face he made after being beaned by his first snowball. We won’t try that again for awhile.” from Tara

“From Langdon/Woodridge at 8:30am. It’s so beautiful!” from Kathryn

Snow angels in Brightwood park from Amy

So many more photos after the jump.

“Won’t someone go sledding with me?” from Sharon Gang

“Our lil snowsuit cutie enjoying this wintry wonderland!” from Chelsey Christensen

“Snowy pup in #Petworth. Wimbly takes a break between rolls in the snow.” from Nancy Waymack

“Hank from Brookland. On Instagram @hankthetankdc”

“About those overzealous cherry blossoms at 15th and U Street NW” from Allison Merchant

“Taco the chihuahua braving the snow This morning in 16th St Hights NW” from Maj

“Enjoying the #cohi #dogpark while it lasts.” from Lela Kanter

“Untouched Snow in NoMa 8:45 am” from Susan

Capitol Hill photo by @zoeica

“investigating the yellow snow” from Shari Berie

LeDroit Park, photo from Nora M. Franco

Maddon from Missy Herendeen

Charlie from Betsy

“*someone* isn’t feeling the #snurlough” from Julie Camerata

“3rd & F NE, Union Kitchen Grocery.” from j beau

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#Snurlough ❄️

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